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Why the performance reviews ?

I understand some people care for the 0-60 times. I personally don't because it's a van, I'm not looking at it for speed or quickness, etc. But fine 0-60 times are good to have nonetheless.

I find it starts getting weird when they start checking 1/4 mile times and then start commenting and complaining about how sluggish it is. It's a darn van. What did you expect ?!

Here's a snippet from Edmunds Performance Review on the 17' Pacifica:

The Pacifica isn't in a hurry to leave the line, even with the accelerator floored. This could be due to transmission shift calibration or a lack of low-end torque, but below 3000 RPM there isn't much shove.
With traction control on or off, the Pacifica will not get wheelspin leaving the line or at any point during the run
I just don't understand.

Do you guys really care about how fast your 1/4 mile times are in your Pacifica ?! Or are those even things you considered when looking at vans ?
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The performance times are useful in gauging how the vehicle will perform when merging onto a busy interstate. Especially in some of the bigger cities where they have stop lights on the ramp to cycle through multiple lanes of merging traffic during rush hours. You'll care about the 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance then for sure.

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To add onto what hawkfan suggested as possibilities, it's really a means to help compare vehicles given it's a standard measurement for cars these days. When you're looking at buying a Pacifica and you're conducting some initial research of the vehicle, you're less likely to really focus on the performance spec's other than HP and possibly torque (most ppl don't realize it's not just about HP as torque is equally if not more important based on the application). Let's say you were looking at Pacifica vs Sienna (and possibly additional vehicles), these performance spec's become a standard measurement that comes into comparison play. So, if you were to ignore options, dimensions are relatively the same give or take an inch here and there, HP/Torque is similar enough, weight is about the same, but let's then assume one vehicle has a better 0-60 by a quarter second, 1/4 by a half second, these figures may start to play a role in the decision making. These days people gravitate towards faster cars so the figures can influence your decision. I had an mid-size SUV that went 0-60 in just over 4 seconds and that influenced my decision over the smaller/average engine for the same SUV which would've placed the vehicle's 0-60 at low to mid 6s. I don't need an SUV that went that fast, but I sure did want it so I got it.

Now, in terms of Edmunds what they are trying to do is let potential buyers know that there isn't much low end torque meaning there's less pick-up speed from 0. It's not that people are necessarily racing the minivan, but if the car doesn't go, the car doesn't go which would show up in these types of performance tests and is a consideration of the buyer. Others may say, I like that this minivan doesn't go 0-60 in some crazy insane speed/time because it's a minivan and too fast is unsafe. So, there's a lot of consumer speculation with your initial question, but it's all about the person and what they want which makes these figures important.
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