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Ask your dealer for the build date.

This is a great forum and based on info in it, I decided to wait for the September 1 and later builds to avoid some of the issues reported and ensure I had hands-free sliding doors. I also did a lot of research on independent reviews and if you can get Advanced Safety Tec, it gives the Pacifica the top safety rating. I wouldn't hold back - it's a great car!

I did lease my Pacifica Limited - this way I have no long term commitment and the car is always under warranty.

My dealer set me up with Ally Bank. With $1,500 in rebates and a $5,250 offer from Ally (good thru Jan 31) the capitalized cost was reduced by $6,750. No cash down. Also, in leasing, you don't pay tax on the entire purchase price, but a monthly use tax - another $1200 saved.

Leasing isn't for everyone, I know, I'm trying one for the first time.

Hope this helps. Have fun!
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