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Don't judge by a forum that will, by its nature, naturally attract complaints and issues.

This is a good car. You cannot beat it for interior size and flexibility. Our "kid" is an 80 lb German Shepherd; we can fit an XXL dog crate in the space between the first and third row with the 2nd row folded. What remains? tremendous cargo space which can be arranged in numerous ways and/or space for two kids in the third row. Or the crate could fit behind the 2nd row and kids in that row. No other vehicle comes close.

Do you like heated leather seats? Check.
How about dual climate controls and back cabin climate controls? Check
How about the latest collision avoidance, rear avoidance, automatic parking, blind side monitoring, folding side mirrors, HID headlights? Check, check and more checks.

Its actually amusing to see families on vacay trying to stuff the kids, toys, luggage, camping stuff and supplies into an SUV, with the requisite clam-shell on top. I feel sorry for them....they could've had a Pacifica. They would have, if they had stronger egos.

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