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Buy it! I had a 2014 AWD Durango and loved it. One 24 hour test drive with a vehicle with sliding doors, and I was sold. (I swore I'd never get a vehicle with sliding doors.) Your kids, even the toddler, will be able to get themselves in and out without much assistance. We have found the lower entry height is great for small kids and old dogs 2, 4 and 13. The second row seats fold forward with car seats installed making access to the back for your older child a breeze, something the SUV world just doesn't get. (My heart skipped a beat when the dealer demo'd this...) The "supplies", ie. emergency diapers, wipes, snacks, etc., you keep in the back can easily be hidden away in the Stow and Go, keeping the clutter to a minimum. We went with the Touring L Plus. My kids don't know they have screens in the headrests yet, and we don't plan on revealing that until the first long trip. While I just got my Pacifica a couple weeks ago, the build month was September. No kinks or issues with the electronics so far. We've had our first real snow fall as well and it did much better than I was expecting with stock tires.

Also, keep this in mind. It was pulled from a recent Facebook article a friend sent to me after they knew I was considering the minivan. The writer was weighing the options between a minivan and an Audi SUV after learning they were to have twins.
"First the get the van. Drive that sucker into the ground, like suck the life and soul out of it. Let the dander of crushed Goldfish Crackers and Cheerios permeate the plush carpet, only to be driven deeper down in by the flood of breast milk/formula vomit and squeezed (even though they'll know better than to squeeze them) juice boxes and popped sippy cup lid spills. Fill that holy vessel of a van to the ceiling with travel versions of highchairs, excersaucers, baby bathtubs, walkers, strollers, pack-n-play play pens.... the list goes on just for one weekend away.
That van will be your mobile mothership until those two cherubs are old enough to hoist themselves into their own booster seat and "GET BUCKLED!". It will be your Church of the Benevolent Never Ending Bottomless Pit of Resources through those Diaper/Pull Ups/Swim Diaper so we don't get kicked out of the pool/deetless bug spray/Mandatory Snack so we can get through THIS ONE LAST ERRAND/"Did You Bring The Other Bag?/No Worries, We Have Extra Pants In The Van (this one is handy for all four of you) stage.
She'll serve you well and you'll miss the mothership when it's gone, but you'll be glad no one is pooping their pants (fingers crossed) in the Audi."
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