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Originally Posted by rkalla View Post

Given this context, I wanted to ask the families with young children out there the following:
  1. How are the car seats fitting for, especially rear-facing? Any pictures?
  2. Do you find that "tilt forward" access to the 3rd row as handy as it seems?
  3. Do you regularly use the Stow and Go bins for storage?
  4. Do you actually stow the 2nd row seats from time to time or is this just a man-utility-fantasy?

Thank you all for the time and sharing your experience with us... feel like we've been talking about this forever and neither of us will budge so we keep driving our 11 year old Pilot...
1. We have our 19 month old front facing now. We initially had him rear facing but his legs were kind of cramped up with his feet on the seat. We are using a Britax Marathon Clicktight. He wasn't too bad getting in rear facing but it's obviously much easier front facing.

2. Yes, the tilt forward works very well.

3. We've only had ours for 3 weeks so I haven't stuck anything down in the floor bins yet. Definitely a lot of storage there though. I have folded one second row seat into the floor. Works great. Sure you can take the second row seat out in the Hybrid but say you drive 2 hours and randomly buy something that is big. It's not like you can just leave your 2nd row seat somewhere. You lose some flexibility with the Hybrid in this manner.

4. See above. If you don't have a truck, I'd much rather have stow-n-go. I have a truck but still prefer the stow-n-go. Half the reason we bought a van was for the additional storage space.

I really considered going the Hybrid route but the fuel savings would take a long time to offset the additional cost compared to the Touring-L Plus we ended up with. Plus their is some uncertainty surrounding the $7,500 tax rebate since Trump is in now. Our electric cooperative doesn't offer any incentives or lower overnight rates for using an electric vehicle so there are less savings to be had for us. I can't charge at work either.
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