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Originally Posted by generaltso View Post
My kids are 14, 12, and 2. When we're just driving around town, they prefer to all sit in the second row. It's wide enough for them to sit comfortably and then nobody has to climb into the back. On longer trips, one of them will sit in the 3rd row, but they still want the 8th seat installed because it folds down into an armrest with cup holders. When we decided to get the 8 passenger, I figured the 8th seat would only get installed occasionally when the kids had friends with them. I didn't realize how much the kids would end up liking the flexibility with it installed.
Hmmmm, I may need to rethink this - while I only have two, there have been a few times that someone has sat between the two car seats on longer trips to keep them happy and I didn't even think that there wouldn't be cup holders if we did the captain chairs (the kids can't reach the pullout drawer in the base of the super console) - really appreciate the detailed scenario here, opened by eyes a bit!

Originally Posted by generaltso View Post
The spare tire kit for the Pacifica is an inflatable type donut that's made to be small. The kit also comes with a jack, and they both fit perfectly in the bin.

I had no idea this existed - this is slick as **** and I don't have to do the Vacuum delete. Thanks!

Originally Posted by generaltso View Post
I use the vacuum all the time.
<sigh> I knew it would be helpful, wife thinks its not necessary because we don't vacuum the pilot except when we find a nest of racoons in it (ok maybe not that bad). I'll share your post with her!
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