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Originally Posted by snorth View Post
1. Does the 8th seat hold a regular child car seat?

2. If I decide not to get the 8th seat when I purchase, can I go back at any time if I change my mind and buy the 8th seat separately to add in? This assumes it was an available option in the first place. I'm just not sure if they have to make any modifications to the vehicle when that option is selected.
I asked about adding it later at the dealership. It is a factory only installed option. Seat is small and weighs about 55 pounds aprox. easily stow-able in the rear cargo area. If you didn't get it you can see where the floor has a spot to put it. But the problem is the seat belt. Which is why it can not be added later on. The shoulder strap on the 8th seat needs to be fixed to a the roof. similar to the way it is in the 3rd row. Also 8th row seating eliminates the moon roof option, once again for the seat belt reason. It's a rather inexpensive option, but they seem to be rare to find one with it, unless you specifically order it.
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