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Even though you didn't use the sunroof in your other cars did you at least open the shade to let more light in or to give a more airy feel?

That open/wide feel the sunroof provides with the shade open is the main reason we are going to the Limited. Otherwise I would look at the 8 passenger option. We are in the same boat with one toddler and one infant with their seats going on the outside. It has currently been ruled that the sunroof wins out over the 8th seat because you cannot stow it in the car when not needed or if you want a walk through to the back and she felt she can just be between the kids momentarily as needed from the 3rd row. Then the whole concern as well she had about food and debris getting into the floor connections points for the 3rd row when not in use. In the end we are sure we are going with the limited but not 100% on sunroof vs 8th seat. We (really I) are flipping back and forth because of the 8th seat/sunroof. The need to be between there with out littlest one for about another 2-3 months before he grows out of that. our toddler at 2 doesn't need that attention.

I will be curious what you guys decide.

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