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Originally Posted by generaltso View Post
Has anyone with an 8 passenger tried putting a child seat in the 2nd row middle position? It has latch capabilities, so I have no doubt that a car seat would fit there. But I'm thinking that it would probably overlap the two seats next to it, thereby preventing them from moving forward to allow access to the 3rd row. Can anyone confirm?
We have three across on the 2nd row, two outboard are the Recaro pro rides and the middle is the britax b safe infant seat with the click in base. The base works well there in the middle, tried the Recaro in the middle and like others have said it will interfere with the tilt up seats. As it is, I need to offset the outboard seats towards the doors so the infant seat will click in. I would gladly give up the Sto and go for seats like the odyssey that shift outboard to give more space between the seats, but you can't win em all and my boys will be outgrowing the seats sooner or later. Definitely like the 8 passenger set up though. We've already had a handful of trips that maxed out the seating capacity. I figure I can always remove the middle of I want the pass through. And I'm not a sunroof fan, so no loss there.
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