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Originally Posted by builttwospill View Post
A sunroof is one of those beautiful things to have even if you rarely use it. I don't think I'd pay extra for one, but it broke my heart to have mine taken away to be replaced with what I believe to be worse than worthless 20" wheels. It's mostly the wheels that upset me, honestly. Now my insurance payments are going to be higher (because people only bother stealing wheels that are 20" or bigger), tire replacement more expensive, and the ride will be bumpier. Oh yeah, and I don't get the beautiful sunroof that's built into the limited price. I get so angry thinking about it.

I cannot understand your issues. Did you not read the specs of the vehicle you bought? How was the sunroof "taken away"?
Also, when was the last time your insurance company asked the size of your wheels? My 20" wheels are fitted with a keyed lug nut on each wheel, make stealing considerably more difficult, and the ride is considerably better that the four previous Dodge minivans I have owned, and the larger tire will get a better life due to the greater circumference. So don't believe all you read on-line.


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