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Me, I deodorized ours. Word of caution, putting bags of groceries between the first and second rows of seats is not the best ideal. Too lazy to open the tailgate, I just dumped a few bags on the floor behind the driver's seat. Yesterday morning, the stench in the vehicle was gagging us. Turns out that a package of chicken livers slipped out of the bag and under the second row seat. Fortunately, it landed top side up, but the gasses created by the rotting meat, popped the top and let out not only the foul (yeah, pun) odor, but some of the juice leaked onto the carpet as well. Cleaned the spill off of the carpet, sprayed everything with Fabreeze to no avail. Got a heavy-duty deodorizing spray that masked things for about 10 nanoseconds. Finally found a McQuires spray bomb, turn on the air full and recirculate, set the bomb off and let it go for 15 minutes, come back and air the vehicle out for another 10 minutes. This morning, all was fine, still get that sweet "new car smell" from the deodorizer but it's 10000% better than rotting chicken parts....

All groceries go in the back in the basket and chest that I put back there just for that.

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