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High rising Forward facing seat vs leftmost Headrest in 3rd row

I currently have two kids, both in forward-facing Diono seats. They're narrow but high reaching, so I find the headrests to be quite inconvenient.

Since we're expecting a third child soon-ish, we went with the following setup:

Older kids on third row (Passenger position and the other midway position) using both LATCHes,
newbord on second row, driver's side,
Second row, passenger's side seat removed, to allow for more storage and easy access for both kids and parents. We'll be entering the van from the passengers side, where it's usually safer.

(Note: we have the hybrid model, if it makes any difference.)

So, my question is: How should I deal with the headrest(s) for the child seat that is located on the third row "driver-center" position? For now, I removed the center headrest and plan on folding the other third row headrests, but I worry this will create a bulge behind the child seats, which will make them unstable, especially for the one on the "driver-center" position.

What's your input?
(or heck, could they be removed altogether, without breaking things?)
Thank you in advance.
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