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Pacifica vs 2018 Odyssey

So I test drove a new Odyssey Elite and EX-L to see what I'm missing, and I actually am not missing much. I will be comparing my vehicle with the EX-L , even though it may be an unfair comparison considering they're different trims. However, I am doing it because that is where the price range for my vehicle (Touring L+ with Advanced Safety and handsfree door/lift gate) fell into versus the EX-L (the EX-L actually cost more currently with no discount).

LED head lights: This is a bummer that Pacifica didn't offer, but it's not a feature I would choose a car over. This is not offered on the EX-L which is where my budget is so I'd be missing this as well had I purchased an Odyssey.

Cabinwatch and Cabintalk: More like down blouse camera. The only purpose for this camera is to check on the baby, and a baby mirror works just as well. Also, why do you need a PA systems to yell at your kids when they're... like RIGHT there behind you? If they're using the headphones, you can just mute the thing and talk to them. This is a gimmick. This is not offered on the EX-L version.

Android Auto/Apple Carplay is what I miss most on the Pacifica. I don't use this much because having to plug in the phone every time is not good for the battery. Batteries last so many cycles before it deteriorates, and each plugged in charge counts as one cycle. Wireless Carplay/Android Auto is the tech I'm waiting for and that may be a few years off. Based on how long it took automakers to adopt Carplay/Android Auto, this may be standard in five years.

-Parking Sensors: Strangely enough, has no sensor directly in front, just front sides. Pacifica wins here.

-Hands Free Tailgate: Not something on my wishlist but was an option in the vehicle I own. Not offered on EX-L, option on Touring, and standard on Elite.

-Magic Seat: Very cool option, but you have to remove the middle seat in order to use it. I paid for the 8th seat option on mine, so this would be a disappointment. However, I would have to give the win here for Odyssey.

-Hands Free side door: I actually used it yesterday with a baby on one arm and his baby bag on the other. Very cool which I will be using all the time now considering I'm picking him up every day. This was an option on my vehicle which I was not happy I had to pay for but now am very glad I did. This is not offered by Honda! The side door is the useful one for me, not the lift gate if you have a baby. Pacifica wins here.

-3rd Row Sunshades: Not offered on the EX-L! Really useful option for a van.

-HondaVac: Yeah, I didn't buy the Elite for this and while useful, is not worth it for me either way. Even.

-Auto Start-Stop Engine: I bought the version without ESS so this is not a big deal to me. I' am OK with ESS if it doesn't cost more money, but the savings in gas is negligible because this vehicle is normally used for long distance travel not around town. Even. Negative for those who don't want it as Pacifica has a version without ESS.

-Rain sensing wiper. EX-L doesn't have it. Mine does. Pacifica wins versus EX-L . Option is available at lower trim than Elite on Pacifica.

-Folding Mirrors. Both are not automatic. I don't care for this but same option available on both vehicles.

-Auto lock walkaway. Very cool. I wish Pac has it.

- Rear Entertainment has only 1 HDMI and 1 screen. I'm unsure if it can play music and digital videos from thumb drive. However, it does have streaming videos but you have to pay for monthly data plan. This is either a pro or con depending on your preference, but I'd rather get free videos from my thumbdrive.

Odyssey cons:

-No stop and Go ACC.

-No parallel park assist. Parallel parking is not something I do all the time, but it's great for the wife and the occasional time I need to use it.

-No 2nd row folding car seat. As great as magic seat on Ody, the folding is very useful, especially for camping trips and for when we need to use it for hauling cargo. There isn't always an option to take seats out and store it if you aren't planning it ahead of time!

- Rear entertainment system: Two screens versus one. Option on EX-L.

- No heated steering wheel on the EX-L, but this is not something I would use in California.

- 11 speakers on Elite vs 13 speakers on Touring L+ and up. Don't care much on this one.

- 8 Passenger option kills Magic slide seat.

- No surround view camera! One of my favorite feature and the Ody lacks it even with Elite!

- Less storage space. The two 2nd row folding seats of the Pacifica has a lot of storage space. This is something the Ody lacks. When you're going on a trip with a full van, storage space is a premium.

- No AC plug and less USB on the EX-L. The Elite has less in total than Pacifica with Navi. I believe Elite has 3 USB (1 front, 2 with entertainment system), 1 AC, and 3 DC for total of 7 versus 6 USB on Touring L+ (2 on RES), with 2 DC, and 1 AC for total of 9. 7 vs 9 but Honda may have an additional DC outlet

So all in all, I'm pretty happy with my purchase, it has the features I want most: hands free side door, folding 2nd row seat, dual rear entertainment system, stop and go ACC, surround view camera, and parallel park assist.

Edit: Added a few pros and cons
Edit 2: Added storage space as a con, plus pro for Rear entertainment video streaming, plus outlet count
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Thanks for sharing your point of view on this. Did you notice any difference in the size of the opening on the sliding door on your van vs the Ody? I read somewhere that the Ody has the widest opening for the sliding doors.
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If it is bigger, I didn't notice. We're probably splitting hair though because I can't imagine it is that much bigger to make any difference.
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I haven't seen the '18 Ody, but when comparing the '17 Ody to the Pacifica, the door opening seemed about the same. The Sienna's opening seemed a bit larger. Also, both the '17 Ody and the Sienna had more cargo space behind the 3rd row than the Pacifica, although the ~15% difference would not be enough to swing a buying decision for most people. The 17' Odyssey had a significantly longer passenger area than either the Pacifica or Sienna, with A LOT more combined legroom in the 2nd and 3rd rows, about 8" more if I remember right. The specs on the '18 Ody indicate it has about 4" less combined legroom than the '17, but that's still more rear legroom than the Pacifica.
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I just couldn't get over the ugly random creases on the side body. As well as the droopy but and nonsensical floating C pillar. Like Honda went out of their way to come up with the ugliest add ons. This is a family car, they should have gone conservative. Terrible. Plus it seemed like they were resting on their reputation not really innovating. The super lame Cabin Watch. Really? And the app where you can set the rear a/c temp? lol. I'm glad they did, as it made me look at the Pac and have been satisfied so far. Love the technology, love the styling, love the quiet European drive.
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I didn't care for the styling of the previous generation either, the rear end looked like it was from a different vehicle. They cleaned that up a bit with the new model, but then went backwards with the creased sides. I'm also not a fan of the new dash and instrument cluster. I would love to have those magic slide seats though.
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Odyssey or Pacifica .... ???

I'm still debating between the Elite and the Limited with advanced safety tech since they appear to be almost matched in price and features.
However my concerns with the Pacifica are.

1) Seats are not as comfy as the Odyssey, they are thinner, (but the second time I tested them they seemed fine).
2) If there are two child seats in the rear, third passenger cannot sit there (since one of the car seat anchors is located more central than at side). It is a problem for me since I routinely will have seven passengers (kids ages 5,2, and newborn)
3) Seatback video monitors only on the second row is a set up for frustration and drama in the car. I understand that a kid in third row can watch the opposite side screen, but he/she would not tolerate the other kid having the ability to operate the touch screen .... Simply put I prefer the ceiling mounted video screen.
4) cabin watch is nice option to keep an eye on our newborn.

The positives for Pacifica which I noted are

1) More technology and custom options than Odyssey. (360 deg camera, stop / go ACC, self park, etc)
2) Generally better looking (for me)
3) Ride is marginally better, seems to have more power and handles better while turning corners.
4) Overall better build quality than the Odyssey (doors having a European thud on closing..., ) steering wheel is nicer to hold, dash is plush and upscale (where as Honda is rubber with fake stitches) I also like the instrument panel look in the Odyssey though but Pacifica's is simply better. The Key seems to have better quality than the Odyssey.

Positives for Odyssey
1) All LED headlights
2) Better resale value
3) More reliable in long term...???

Someone please help me out. After two test drives of Pacifica and one for the Odyssey, I'm still at square one. My heart says Pacifica and brain says Odyssey. It's killing me.
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Don't know why people are so focused on LED headlights. Its great as Fogs but Headlights personally I prefer my HIDs for lowbeam headlamps. Now if I want to match the color of my fogs and LED strip I'd just go 5000k vs 4300k stock which at this points doesn't bother me one bit. High beams I would go LED instead of HID tho..

ESS, I prefer not to have it. When I had a few rentals with it, I didn't care for it, thought as the vehicle aged, might have more issues than I would want and just don't like the start and stop noise so frequently in start and stop traffic.

Regardless of my recent issues I've had, I still love my Pacifica over the Sienna/Odyssey and the Sedona.

2017 Red Velvet Pacifica Limited

Uconnect Theater and Sound Group
Tire and Wheel Group
Advance Safety Tech Group

Embrace the Speed!!!
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We went to the Twin Cities Auto Show in march and compared the top-of-the-line vans from Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Kia. In our humble opinions, it wasn't even close, and that's why we own a Pacifica.

For starters we really want Stow n Go and although it's not a 100% deal breaker it's pretty close. We've had it for 10 years now with our (now former) Grand Caravan.

Beyond that.

- Honda was pretty good. But it's not as sleek as the Pac, inside, and especially outside. It looks and feels like a minivan, whereas the Pac looks modern. Pac has more conveniences, and nice touches like LED interior lighting too.

- Sienna I wasn't impressed with at all... very very dated, like buying a 5 year old van. 'Nuff said.

- Kia was OK, but I kind of expect a discount for buying Kia and it still stickered at $42K+ for the trim line they were showing... if I'm paying that I'm going to buy one of the others instead. I'm also not sure Kia allows a 4x8 sheet of plywood to be stored, and in any case it would be inconvenient without stow&go

- Pacifica we were very impressed with. Everything sleek and modern. Better stow & go than our GC, easier to stow the 2nd row and powered 3rd row. Looks less like a minivan (I've gotten many compliments over it since purchasing it, plus people wanting to know more about it) .State of the art features like ESS, ventilated seats, the rear seat entertainment screens, etc.

Like I said not even a choice for us... probably the first time in my life where I set out to buy a specific vehicle and didn't even get bids on the competition.

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I was lucky to get a Pacifica touring-L as a rental for this weekend. I'm planning to do a long trip to see how it holds up with the kids. It's the awesome velvet red color and my wife liked the color (for starters)... that's a good sign. LoL.
I find that it has some road noise though (mild), it wasn't apparent when I tested the limited model earlier. Is there a difference in sound proofing between the trim levels?
Also the difference in center console, dash and steering wheel is too obvious from the limited version.
Initially I was concerned about fitting two child seats in the third row due to limited space for third person, but I improvised by hooking both ends of one child seat latch to a single hook. This being a rental, only seven seat option was available and we are seven already.
I also liked the beige / coffee interiors. Hopefully I'll develop a positive impression by this weekend. Wish me well.
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