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Originally Posted by Limited_808 View Post
Sorry to hear that happened, but at least you we're able to maintain that new car smell....I just put down the all weather mats and now I'm set for any spills, drops, mud, etc..guess it could help with keeping items in place...it's a good investment...
Somehow, no one has yet been able to achieve that "new car smell" out of a spray can, bottle or hanging thingy. We still have a bit of a strange smell coming from the air vents even after getting rid of the chicken smell, and so I went to the store to maybe pick up something to deal with that. McGuire's deodorizers have a "scratch and smell" pad on the box, so I tired it, and found that the strange smell is really their interpretation of what a new car smell is. I tried (scratch and smell) their "fresh air" and "woods" versions and I think I'll just put up with the way it is for now, knowing that they can't duplicate a real new car smell, and adding more deodorizer isn't the solution to getting rid of the smell of another deodorizer.

Oh, what did I do to my Pacifica yesterday? Well, I did touch up those few little dings where I bumped into our stucco post, not once, but twice.

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