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Originally Posted by tturkstra View Post
One thing I have noticed is that when you're dropping off kids, if your kids use the upper (by the sunroof) button to open the sliding door to get out, it will actually open the door. But your kids need long arms. And you need to open the doors for the kids with this switch since they can't open if from the outside. Unfortunately, the handy lower switch by the door frame doesn't work. How ironic - one engineer designs a useful switch (I noticed it while looking at the minivan as a much better idea than my Odyssey) and then someone else disables its usefulness by this auto-locking "feature". Combined with the ill-thought-out PRNDL selector that does not convey the setting by it's position like a lever does and you really feel like this is a make-work project picking up kids.
I don't have a hybrid or sunroof, but could it be possible that the power door switch is turned off (blue light on, in the front, by the rear view mirror)? The middle tab between the power door buttons turns the power on/off to the sliding door lower switches. The pillar power door buttons should work even with the auto lock feature enabled.

Another thing to check in the UConnect menu under settings, doors:

Originally Posted by cue003 View Post
The Unlock Doors Automatically On Exit feature unlocks all of the vehicle doors when any door is opened. This will occur only after the gear selector has been placed into the PARK position, after the vehicle has been driven (the gear selector has been placed out of PARK and all doors closed).

2017 Pacifica Touring L (gas) - Sept. 2016 build

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