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Pacifica is a lemon and Chrysler Escalation is a waste of time.

Ever since I purchased it I have had so many problems that I have always been amazed when I read other members posts of what a great vehicle they own and how trouble free it is. My Pacifica has had electronics problems numerous times, a broken left, then right front axles just to name a few. The frustrating part of all this is the amount of time I have spent driving crappy loaner cars instead of what I paid for.

When I started complaining, I was referred to someone named "Ford" (yes, that is his name)., at “Chrysler Escalation” I am still not sure if he is a real person because he seemed so robotic in his responses to my problems. I can't tell you how many times he said "Ok, let me investigate your case and I'll get back to you. he did this so many times it was a joke whenever I saw his name come up on our caller id. He was supposed to assist in getting my problem resolved and all he did was waste months of my time. I am convinced he is there just to push the problem down the road, but never offers a fair solution.

The other person I spoke to was someone from Chrysler headquarters named Michael McDonald (not the singer). I was introduced to him because my wife went to a Chrysler focus group and she voiced all the problems that we were having. When I arrived at this Chrysler event to pick her up I was introduced to some of the people she talked to and they were incredibly impressed with my Pacifica and how it looked and asked if they could take some pictures of it. The reason being, my Pacifica is totally blacked out, had black 5 spoke 22" wheels and ground effects. I am convinced that the Pacifica S blackout they now offer was spurred on by them seeing how much better and different a Pacifica can look without all the chrome. From that meeting I got a call from Mike McDonald and thought I finally was talking to someone that had the power to get my lemon replaced. Was I wrong, all he did was had me bring the car in again to have one of their regional people check my Pacifica and its problems. That person claimed the axle failures and front end creaking were my fault because of the larger wheels. I have always upgraded every vehicle I have ever owned and I have owned about every brand and never had a problem. I knew this was untrue but I removed the wheels and put the original wheels that came on the Pacifica. The problems still continued and in fact I recently came across the thread on this site of other Pacifica owners that their axles failed too and they never changed their wheels. So the "regional tech" that told me it was my fault was wrong. Chrysler has a problem with their front ends and they don't want to admit it. Maybe they have quietly changed the newer Pacifica and have remedied the problem, but I still have problems.

I can't believe what poor service Chrysler gives to the customers. I told their "Chrysler Escalation" person that if I was a happy customer I would love to tell others what a great vehicle it is, and I must have a defective one that needs to be replaced. They came back and Ford said well all I can offer you is $2,500. I then said that's unacceptable and wanted a replacement. He said "at this time all I can do is review your case again and call you in a week or so". He said and did this so many times it over the past year. He offered another solution and that was to trade in the vehicle and he would call my local dealer and they would sell it to me at dealers cost. I wasn't happy because I didn't want to take a loss, and it didn't seem fair, but I finally said I don't feel safe driving this Pacifica for my and three children and I want out of this vehicle. So after numerous calls with the person at the dealer and Ford I thought my problems were over with this lemon and I could finally enjoy the same nice ownership experience that most Pacifica owners enjoy. I was wrong. I get a call from Ford saying have you talked to the dealer? I said no I was told by them they would coordinate with you. He then says "well, they don't want to participate, so you can't trade your vehicle in." I have kept my patience throughout this long drawn out horrible ownership experience, but I had finally had enough and yelled at Ford and hung up on him.

It amazes me that with all the money Chrysler spends on advertising that they would want to treat a customer the way they have. How much would a replacement actually cost them and have a happy customer compared to having me now tell anyone that will listen about my experience with the Pacifica and Chrysler as a company. I will continue this thread with more details with the exact number of visits, problems etc... which will quiet those that may try to say I'm just a complainer, I'm not. I can confidently say just for the front end issues I have had it in no less than 6 or 7 times for those issues alone. My hope is that there is someone from Chrysler that actually cares about their customers that might see this. I haven't gone to an attorney yet because I work 12 hour days and its not easy to find the time to do it. I need to take my Pacifica into service, again for more radio issues, and front end problems, but I have trouble taking off work to do it. Please help.
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All I can tell you is to LAWYER UP! Because you sure can bet Chrysler will before they give you your money back.

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I agree. And if you go through the NCDS dispute resolution process, you will not only see Chrysler lie more but they will also insult you as well. I have all this in writing, and it both makes me laugh and mad at the same time. In my case, they said everything from the axle problems to the transmission problems we cited as reason for buyback were normal and then threw in some garbage about how their cars aren't mean to be driven more than 18k miles PER YEAR (we were around 58k at the time after two years) so therefore we were to blame.

Someone needs to do a class action on these cars...

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I wasn't even asking for my money back, just a replacement. I think you are right though.
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Count me in on that class action. The hours I have wasted taking the car in, then sitting at the rental car place because the dealer didn't have a loaner. Its happened so many times.
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Originally Posted by RAC View Post
I wasn't even asking for my money back, just a replacement. I think you are right though.
It would be interesting to know the build date of your van (on driver's door edge). If you put your van info (year, trim, gas/hybrid, build date, etc.) in the signature line of the UserCP it will show up at the bottom of all your posts. Thanks.
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Wow, that is a very frustrating thing to see, let alone go through. Iíve escalated a couple of cases through Chrysler customer service, and my experience hasnít been much different. It seemed like their only actual function is to facilitate communication with the dealer, which isnít something most of us need help with.

Iím also Iím also interested to know the build date, as well as some more specifics of what went wrong. I tow my boat with mine, and after 3500 miles towing at the limit over the summer, Iím pretty sure any drive axle weakness would have showed itself by now.

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My build date is 10/16. Good idea you had to add to the signature.
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Chromeless Sienna L's look awesome and are loaded except for dangerous roof glass. The chrome Toy logo is easily replaced with something reasonable at the dealer. $29K in '17. Dark gray is my color.

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