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The current A/C doesn't seem "cold" anymore.

I could SWEAR that A/C from the 70's and 80's in my Dad's car (Impala, Cutlass, Cadillac) they were ICE cold even on a hot day. I remember as a kid you jump in the car on a hot day, no tint sun blaring.. and within a minute or two that air would hit your skin and it felt like hot ice coming out of the vents.. didn't want to be in the direct path.. might get frostburn..

Now I crank air to LOW, and wait.. 15 minutes later cabin STILL feels warm..

My last vehicle for the first 6 months maybe It seemed ok not great but ok. I had air running for a while but I had good tint and recirculate on. Took it too dealer they told me they tested and air was coming out at 60 I think.. don't remember.. but they said it was 'fine'. Was within limits.

I just left it alone.

Now I get a brand new Pacific LTD pre-tinted by dealer.. moderately hot day around 88 (yea hot vs this side of the 9 planes is subjective) and STILL air comes out.. I guess correct temperature but it doesn't FEEL cold. It is cool-ER.. but it takes a while to get cool, and by the time it does I am where I need to be. Even longer rides air is cool I have to reduce temperature sometimes because it doesn't feel as though temperature is maintained well.

It's not just this vehicle we test drove a few before settling on the Pacifica and had the same experience.. It must be something that has changed.

The state of A/C seems sub par than what I remember. Also when I took my other car to dealer they said they had an older car as well and their air SEEMED a lot cooler, so he understood what I was saying..

So gas should be gas.. but it's not, at least from my perspective.. 1995 and up model year vehicles use HFC-134a refrigerant, also referred to as R-134a. Older systems were designed with CFC-12 .. isn't good by comparison in my opinion.

Is it just me?
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