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All the time...

Originally Posted by TomCross View Post
Anyone else having trouble spinning front wheels on wet pavement?

I am not a lead foot. But found it is too easy
To spin wheels when road is wet. When accelerating from a stop.

All the time. Unfortunately I am a lead foot. I also race my other car, so I have to adapt when I get into our van. Not only is there serious wheel spin coming off the line with a quick reaction, which I have, but also at the limits of turns. Going on the highway from me, we enter on a curved ramp that joins a connecting highway to a main interstate, and when it's damp or wetter, the tires lose traction below the speed limit around 50-55mph, and I have to baby the throttle.

I am trying to get the most out of the tires before I put some better rubber on, but hitting those limits really makes me itch to do it sooner.

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