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Originally Posted by JohninSoCa View Post

My wife recently bought a 2019 Hybrid Pacifica and after only 400 miles, there's some kind of failure. The dealership told her to just use the provided w/ purchase roadside assistance. It took 1 1/2 hours for the tow truck to get the car out of the garage. Wheels were locked. He had to drag the car out. You should see the photo's of the tire marks. That was a week ago. Two weeks ago she bought the car. Next week it's broken. Brand new.

My wife is calling the dealership today. The car was brought to them last week. They said the person who handles her car wasn't in. Try tomorrow. She went there and nobody cares.

So, how do like that? She buys a new car, drives it for a week. It breaks in the garage. Problems towing it. Now she's driving an old rental car. Dealer took her money and they don't care. She's calling daily, asking when somebody will even look at her car.

This is Chrysler, folks. That's great when your product works. But when it doesn't, Chrysler gives you POOR SERVICE.
They probably don't like to work on warranty stuff. It doesn't make enough money.

When I drive the car, I'll have more to talk about. I was with her when the salesman sold it to her. They are quick to take the money and slow to take care of the customer.

Anyway, be warned. These cars are problematic. I've owned Japanese cars for 3 decades and never had this kind of garbage taking place. You pay a lot of money and then you've got nothing.
Just a note - Chrysler doesn't have their own towing fleet. The tow trucks they call are out of their hands, it's all through a service arrangement. It's worth filing an official complaint to Chrysler Roadside about the tow truck driver not having proper equipment to move a car with stuck wheels and marking up your garage. I used to drive a tow truck, it's a pretty thankless job, but there are is equipment for just about every scenario and wheel dollies is a pretty standard item. Especially with so many cars having AWD and other ways to have stuck wheels, dragging a car is not appropriate. And I completely understand your frustrations here. Many dealerships fall short when it comes to real customer service (which all comes down to COMMUNICATION). Our van is in the shop right now and they have been excellent communicating about the problem.

Another issue which will hopefully improve in the near future - there aren't nearly enough trained techs for the electric vehicles hitting car dealerships set up for traditional service. All of the hybrid/EVs require special training and most dealers only have 1-2 techs who can work on these. As more EVs hit the roads, more properly trained techs will appear, but this may take a few years. It doesn't bother me too much as long as they COMMUNICATE!!!
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