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Three boosters in the 3rd row?

Any paciifca owners out there have success with putting three highback or harness boosters (combination of both or with one convertible is ok too) across the 3rd row? I know they would have to be installed using seatbelts and maybe tethers rather than LATCH, which is ok with us.

We have been going back and forth between buying the Pacifica and the VW Atlas and we honestly can’t agree which would be better for 5 car seats/boosters (we have 4 children right now but might have one more baby while owning this next car). I thought minivans would be self evidently best for maximum car seat installations but the more I read about this issue the less sure I am.

(Yes, we could try three across with the 8 seater middle bench and two in the back but I read most car seats installed in the center 2nd row seat on the Pacifica impede the easy tilt functiion of the outboard seats. So we’d like to be sure we could do three in the back as an option anyway).

I replied on an old thread about this topic but want to start a new thread too in case it catches someone’s eye. Thanks for your insights!
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