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Originally Posted by 4under6 View Post
Thanks for that info!

I did see that picture before posting and the kid in the back middle isn't in a booster so it's still a mystery! She also didn't say one way or the other if that configuration, with three convertible car seats in the center row, impeded the use of Easy Tilt - which is actually our main requirement for a vehicle. So if we can't reliably use that feature we won't buy. It is now recommended that children should be in boosters (preferably the high back kind) until at least 10, probably older. And they keep inching up all these recommendations every year, which is why it is obnoxious so many car companies haven't caught up with that changing reality. Wherever a child passenger could be seated a car/seat booster of some kind should fit/be accommodated.

The Pacifica is decent on this issue and there are other perks to consider, but they not the best. Safety first and all that. ;-)
This was from an earlier post in the same thread mentioned above about three carseats in the center row.
Originally Posted by Tia3 View Post
Yup! And you can still tilt the seats to access the back without difficulty. I LOVE the 8th seat and flexibility the Pacifica offers. During the winter we’re thinking about stowing a seat and putting a kid in the third row.
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While we all want our children to be safe in the vehicle and may follow the extended safety recommendations, I would also check your state laws on what age/weight/height is required to be in a child seat or booster. The shape, size, height, and weight of the child may also factor in to figuring out the appropriate carseats after legal requirements are met. It may also depend on the type of vehicle you have and the type of shoulder straps available.

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