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Originally Posted by SciTchr View Post
This was from an earlier post in the same thread mentioned above about three carseats in the center row.

While we all want our children to be safe in the vehicle and may follow the extended safety recommendations, I would also check your state laws on what age/weight/height is required to be in a child seat or booster. The shape, size, and weight of the child may also factor in to figuring out the appropriate carseats after legal requirements are met. It may also depend on the type of vehicle you have and the type of shoulder straps available.
Um. Yeah. I think since we are buying a car and have a choice here we will go with the safest possible options. Car accidents are the number 1 killer of children in this country. I am generally skeptical about things like this and even with car seats we don't do the absolute guidelines by the letter (all my kids ff, for example) I think they'll all be in high back boosters for a long time (my oldest is only 5) so we will get a car that accommodates that reality.

Appreciate you pointing out that comment in the thread. There it appears they were talking about the easy tilt functioning if you have an infant seat in the middle and take out the seat and use the tilt feature with just the base. The Car Seat Lady did say some narrow infant seats (the one we have probably qualifies) can be installed rear facing and not impact the tilt feature as well. I get that is possible but we'd want to be able to use a convertible in that seat placement without impacting Tilt. BUT your comment raises the point that the person who shared that picture might have also been able to get it work with her three ff convertibles. Earlier in the thread there was someone who tested a rf diono (narrowest convertible carseat on the market) and it impeded the tilt feature. But you never know! Something might still work.
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