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Originally Posted by petheadkorea View Post
Yes. It is more like the car is sleeping and cannot wake up. Mine setup 11pm-7am. I went out at 11:10pm, the whole thing is blank. No charging light or anything. I touch the handle, the car wakes up and start charging.

I contacted Chrysler and they are sending me "software update" by mail. I wonder if it is DVD or USB thumb stick. I have a feeling that they don't know if the update will fix things.

17 or 18?

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This scheduled charging really seems out of whack to me. My charging schedule for weekdays is 9pm to 9am. Today (a Tuesday) I plugged it in around 4pm and observed that the instrument panel screen said that is was plugged in and waiting for the scheduled charge. The charging lights were doing their slow sequential scan. So far so good. Came out to the garage at 10:15pm and all the charging lights were off. With no key fob in my pocket I touched the door handle without opening the door and the instrument panel screen said to press the brake pedal to start the car. Nothing about charging. Opened the door and closed it again. The instrument panel screen said that it was plugged in and charging, but only for about 5 seconds, then it reverted back to the "plugged in and waiting for scheduled charge" state. Got a key fob and opened the door and climbed in. Still no charging. Without pressing the brake pedal I pressed the start button twice to put it in the "run" state. The UConnect screen woke up and the car started charging. Very weird.

I went through all the settings screens and the only thing I could find that might be relevant was that the clock was set to sync to GPS. I turned that option off, and we will see if it does any better next time.
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I haven't tested it as extensively as you, bit I have noticed my 2018 is not starting reliably as well on schedule.

It does seem to be something that can eventually get fixed with a software update.

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More testing today. Went out to drive the van at 8:00am, unplugged the charger, climbed in and pressed the start button. Dashboard screen came on but the UConnect screen did not. Pressing the UConnect power button did nothing. Based on what I had read somewhere I turned the van off, opened the hood and pulled and reinserted fuse F76. Got back in pressed the start button again and the UConnect screen came alive this time. So a power reset of the UConnect system fixed that, at least temporarily.

Came back at 12:45 with an empty battery. Turned the van off, plugged in the charging cord and observed that it was waiting to charge (scheduled charge was set to 9pm). Now just to try something different I turned the van on,changed the charging schedule to start at 1pm then turned it off again. Observed that it was still waiting to charge, as it should. At 1pm, lo and behold, it started charging. Unplugged the charging cord, changed the schedule to start at 9pm again and plugged the charging cord back in. Observed that it was waiting to charge. We shall see what happens this evening.

So the correct startup of charging this afternoon could be because:
a) I did a power reset on the UConnect system earlier in the day
b) There was only 15 minutes elapsed between plugging in the charger and the next charging start time instead of the usual several hours.
c) There is something special about a schedule that starts at 1pm instead of 9pm
d) The behavior is totally random
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Update on my attempt to schedule charging for 9pm after it successfully began charging at 1pm. Between 1pm and 9pm the van sat plugged in and undisturbed. At 8:50pm it was not charging, at 9:02pm it was not charging, but at 9:30pm it was charging. So, in my list of possibilities in the previous post we are left with:

a) The power reset of the UConnect system this morning might have fixed it
b) We can eliminate this one because 8 hours elapsed between plugging in and the start of charging at 9pm.
c) We can eliminate this one because it started charging at both 1pm and 9pm (or close to it anyway).
d) It could still just be random behavior

In any case it is not confidence inspiring. If I get a Level 2 charger I would like to be able to depend on being able to schedule charging during off-peak hours. Any slip-up resulting in charging during a peak hour of the day during the summer in Phoenix would add about $100 to my electric bill for the entire month, even if it happened just once during the month. I could get a Juice Box or similar wi-fi enabled charger but it would be nice to rely on the car's built in scheduler.

Somewhat related to doing a power reset by pulling the F76 fuse, I have seen references to a method of rebooting the UConnect system on 2017 models by simultaneously pressing the mute and browse buttons. On the 2018 model there is now a power button where the mute button used to be and the mute button is immediately below that. Pressing power and browse just turns off the screen, not surprisingly. Pressing mute and browse doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a new secret incantation to reboot the 2018 UConnect systems?
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How did you contact Chrysler?
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I have been having this same problem with my 2018. It will not start charging until I push the start button. I contacted my dealer service and they sent my to sales. For some reason they always send me to sales with I have a problem. Sales must be the smart ones or the service people have no clue what to do with an EV (most likely). Sales manager acknowledges that this charge timing issue exists, would not discuss it, as he was busy and would call back. 3 hours later, still waiting, but not holding my breath. Same type of response to my inquiry about my factory overpriced inductive phone charger not working. You would think a company that has been making Chargers for a very long time would be able to make a reliable charger as well.
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Another update on my tests of the scheduled charging feature.

On Sunday, when I plugged it in after a 20 mile trip it started charging immediately, as it should (the weekend schedule is set for 12:15am to 11:45pm).

On Tuesday I plugged it in in the morning after another 20 mile trip and it said it was waiting for the scheduled start time (which was set to 9pm). So far so good. Checked at 8:50pm, not charging. Checked again at 9:10, not charging. Not charging at 9:40pm or 10:20pm either. Checked one more time at 11:15pm and the charging lights were doing a slow sequential scan and the dashboard screen said it was waiting for the scheduled start time. Not good -- it was over two hours past the scheduled start time. Opened the door and closed it -- no difference, still waiting. Unplugged the charging cord and waited for the dashboard screen to time out and go dark. It didn't seem to want to do that and just kept showing the "press the brake pedal and push start" message. Opened the door and closed it. The screen timed out and went dark after 30 seconds. Plugged the charging cord back in and it started charging.

My conclusion? Of the four possibilities I listed in post #14, the only possible explanation is that it is just random behavior. You simply cannot depend on the scheduled charging feature to work properly. So I think I will delete the schedule and do it the hard way -- just plug it in when and only when I want it to charge. If I ever get a level 2 charger I will get one with its own built-in scheduling feature.
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I'm having the same problems. My weekday schedule (11pm -7am) seems to work fine. The weekend schedule (9pm - 3pm) does not work -- the charge never starts. For now, I'm just going to turn off the schedule and plug into a Wifi outlet where I can control the schedule more reliably. Hopefully, this gets resolved as I'd like to use level 2, but if it's charging at peak rates it's far more expensive than gas for me.
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Yesterday I found a work around to the bad software. I charged during the day at work by turning off the schedule in the hybrid app menu. That evening I plugged in the car at home and went back to the scheduler menu and enabled it. The car stopped charging and stated it was waiting to charge per schedule. I came out at 11 PM when the schedule was set to start the charging, and miracle of miracles, it was actually doing what it was supposed to. Yes it is inconvenient to have to turn the schedule on and off every day, but it is much better than having to stay up late every night to go turn the van on to kick off the charging when the rates are much lower. I will check that this works for a few days before I declare victory. Still no call back from the dealer. Probably hoping I go away.
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