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  1. Terrible cell phone volume levels
  2. favorites feature when on sirius
  3. Disabling ANC
  4. 2018 Pacifica Touring L Plus - No 4G wifi app
  5. Homelink Garage door opener intermittent
  6. RES not booting up
  7. LED fog lights - Aftermarket lamps or OEM upgrade?
  8. High beam LEDs- what do you think?
  9. Uconnect hotspot wifi antenna?
  10. Radio volume won't adjust without turning off
  11. 2019jun uconnect update
  12. Satellite issues?
  13. USB music song order
  14. Retrofit Frontcamera
  15. 2017 Pacifica - UConnect Upgrade Fried Radio
  16. How current is the "current" Navigation map update? How often are new maps posted?
  17. no map mirroring android auto
  18. Unable to connect to 4G Hotspot after it was working
  19. Send and go error from WAZE to the nav
  20. 18 Pacifica Tour L Plus; Streaming from Iphone stops working and defaults to music
  21. What Android devices are folks using to stream with UConnect Theater
  22. Convert rear 12v plug from always hot to ignition switched
  23. OTA Software Update
  24. One USB Data Port...
  25. Fuel Economy Display
  26. open dots wireless charging
  27. Vacuum in motion
  28. How to tune-in HD-radio stations
  29. Streaming videos playing sideways
  30. Disable FM announcements
  31. A DIY 12 volt battery monitor
  32. Radio presets
  33. Clock Display while Radio is off
  34. Remove headlight - difficult?
  35. Keysense on Non Keysense Keys?
  36. 2017 power seat wiring for old car
  37. Uconnect for EU
  38. NEED HELP!! What is this button???
  39. Wifi doesn't connect to internet
  40. Samsung USB drive issue
  41. Radio question
  42. Adding a powered subwoofer between the stow and go seats.
  43. Stop / Start System -Battery Protection Mode
  44. How do I do a hard reset on the uconnect?
  45. Headlight switch removal
  46. 2018 Pacifica Limited
  47. Pacifica turn signal and headlight issues
  48. Quick Questions on USB/Other Outlets
  49. Adding LED's under running boards
  50. Android Auto / Car Play Question
  51. 2018 Touring L - No UConnect Guardian Services
  52. Sirius radio installation
  53. Volume issues
  54. Cd player
  55. 5k vs 6k HID kit - what matches LED strip best?
  56. My Solution for a “built-in” HDMI connection
  57. Replaced factory UConnect head - issues
  58. Usb Power issues
  59. Wireless Headphones from Parts Express work with overhead DVD!
  60. Possible to retrofit the theatre package?
  61. External power inverter
  62. Pairing Moto Z Force Droid
  63. Theatre Group retrofit
  64. Replacing base 6-speaker in ‘17 Touring L
  65. Turn on accessory power without starting vehicle?
  66. Anybody with 2017 able to run audio with Android through USB ?
  67. UConnect Via Mobile with two phones?
  68. Adding sub to 6 speaker Alpine, have question
  69. Headphones for overhead DVD
  70. What is this button for?
  71. Odometer HELP
  72. Constant "Wind Advisory" Popups on UConnect
  73. Uconnect Apps update or download?
  74. Visor lightbulb replacement
  75. U Connect App
  76. My Compass Lost its Way
  77. Replacing backup camera lens
  78. DIY Aftermarket HID Fog Lights Install Guide
  79. Auto Resume Playing from Jump Drive
  80. Question: Covering noise canceling microphones
  81. Under Hood Relay Panel case
  82. Custom Sub Box - Spare Tire Location - Pics
  83. TRS Morimoto HID Kit Install
  84. DIY Aftermarket HID Lowbeam Install Guide
  85. High Beam Upgrade Advice
  86. Optimal settings for UConnect Theater USB Movies
  87. No 3D View in Navigation 8.4 (RA4)
  88. Android Auto/Bluetooth Issues
  89. Uconnect Theater Earphone Jack Volume?
  90. Climate control is weird.....
  91. 2018 Rear Camera
  92. Every day something in electronics doesn't work
  93. iPhone XS Intermittently Works w/ CarPlay (iPhone 6 & 7 Work Fine)
  94. iPhone with 12.0 OS unable to connect?
  95. DIY - I had to replace a Uconnect Theater LCD
  96. USB to be used in the UCONNECT USB port
  97. UConnect Miracast Update File
  98. 360 Camera stuck on while driving
  99. "Ask Siri For More While Driving" function
  100. Pedal Commander
  101. Adaptation to Europe and questions
  102. Backlights in screen
  103. Car LED courtesy light
  104. Carplay Siri Volume
  105. Replace a failed HID bulb
  106. XMGuardian and Mopar.com
  107. Battery Problems and Battery Tender
  108. uconnect seat back theatre screens
  109. UConnect - Car Play - iPhone
  110. Uconnect - not showing full song titles
  111. LED Headlight and Fog Lights choice
  112. Overhead DVD and iPhone connection
  113. Visor Vanity Lamps 6501966 - What is a good LED replacement?
  114. video for Back facing baby seat
  115. What’s this button for?
  116. No Power To Rear Door Fuse?
  117. Battery Replacement: Procedure
  118. Rear LED Bulb Type?
  119. Back door
  120. Navigation Zoom - Auto Adjusting Scale??
  121. Chrysler DVD player with USB videos stop at 2 hours
  122. Yellow LED fog lights
  123. Adapting lights US to EU
  124. Auto start stop shuts down the cooled seats
  125. Europe and navi, apple car play, and satellite radio
  126. U connect DVD player not working
  127. Does top front USB port charge?
  128. Rear Screens Turn On Every Time Car Starts
  129. Vibration sound from near 8.4 Touchscreen
  130. Sliding Door Lock Actuators
  131. Interior LED conversion/color change
  132. Exterior LED conversion guide
  133. 2018 Hybrid without Hotspot
  134. Used Smart Key Programming??
  135. Disable beeping door on open and close?
  136. Overhead DVD add on rear with sunroof
  137. LED light bar or pod lights?
  138. Harman Kardon
  139. Uconnect Theater Question
  140. Are Limited HIDs plug and play?
  141. Are We There Yet
  142. Apple CarPlay uses the phone speaker?
  143. Front turn signal conversion to LED
  144. Can Uconnect play the next video on a USB automatically?
  145. Road Speed alert
  146. My Review of Android Auto on 2018 Pacifica
  147. Seat back screen, 1 of 2 no power
  148. back up camera quality
  149. Details on front camera and Central Vision Processing Module?
  150. 2018 Uconnect into a 2017 Pacifica?
  151. Hid input
  152. Music doesn't play while on phone
  153. Anyone do a Aftermarket stereo system
  154. UCONNECT Hometheatre using the speakers
  155. Roku stick connected
  156. SiriusXM radio frequently acquiring signal
  157. USB restarts every time the van does?!? Please HELP!
  158. GPS for Canadian Owners
  159. Installing a UAV Uconnect from a 2018 Pacifica into a 2017 model year
  160. Help with part number for 8.4" Bezel Surround
  161. After Market Earphones/Earbuds w/ UConnect Theater?
  162. How to get night maps on navigation
  163. how to get the turn by turn list on the uconnect screen
  164. WiFi - No 2.4 gHz only 5.0 gHz
  165. USB port frozen
  166. UConnect Speakers
  167. How long it takes...
  168. Audio selection reset
  169. U-connect screen sensitivity
  170. 2018 Touring-L Overhead DVD Player
  171. Individual key linked settings
  172. Chromecast and Streaming
  173. Phone sounds via bluetooth
  174. Here we go, another exciting recall.......
  175. Alternate to Apple HDMI adapter?
  176. Anyone interested in a custom sub box??
  177. Active Noise Cancellation vs Active Noise Control
  178. Does Uconnect have a slot for an SD card?
  179. LED's for 2017 Touring L
  180. Streaming from Phone to the Theater Screens
  181. Start a Movie from where it was when car shut off...
  182. anyone succesful in changing the nav system voice from female to male?
  183. [How-To] LED fog lights installation
  184. Compatible Headphones?
  185. Auto High Beans On on a Cloudy Day
  186. Bulbs information
  187. Apple CarPlay and 2018 Pacifica Hybrid
  188. LED for low beams
  189. sudden problem with all three key fobs
  190. Changing the stock speakers
  191. Rear hatch trunk speakers.
  192. 2018 Hybrid- Uconnect Theater says No Disc when DVD is inserted.
  193. USB drive format requirements - needs FAT32
  194. Uconnect 4 software update
  195. Uconnect Theater and iTunes?
  196. GPS Position approximately 300-400 yards off
  197. HID headlight replacement
  198. Rear marker lights
  199. LED headlight replacement questions
  200. Android Car Stereo
  201. uConnect and iPod album art
  202. LED Brake lights
  203. No devices can see WiFi Hotspot SSID
  204. Mirror Screen without Car Wifi
  205. Map update takes more than an hour to install
  206. Parksense Rear Park Assist with Stop
  207. Using Hotspot
  208. SiriusXM Guardian Vehicle Location Not Working
  209. Emergency Alert
  210. TL -- Alpine 13-speaker upgrade = nice sound w/EQ
  211. CarPlay and flash drive?
  212. Playing music from uConnect Theater
  213. Uconnect USB update key?
  214. Colored buttons in UConnect theatre dvd menu
  215. How is MPG calculated?
  216. USB Integrated Add-On CD Player for Pacifica
  217. Apps on Apple CarPlay
  218. Automatic change to my gauge cluster screen? Did it update on its own?!
  219. Surround Cameras Not working
  220. Overhead DVD Wireless Headphone problem
  221. Yet another uConnect thread...
  222. replacing turn signals in 2018 hybrid
  223. Uconnect Autoplay?
  224. Bluetooth Song/track info lag on Uconnect media screen
  225. Destination Phone Number
  226. Sound System Options - how many?
  227. Headphones not syncing/working
  228. Apple Carplay unavailable on 2018 Pacifica
  229. Bluetooth eats all my sounds
  230. Difference between 9005HL+ and 9005LL bulbs
  231. Wiring Diagram going headunit
  232. Need Wire Diagram for Overhead Console?
  233. GTR Lighting HID Low Beam Installation
  234. [How-to] Disable Quiet Vehicle Alert System
  235. Touchscreen Stylus
  236. Replacing OEM hologen with Sylvania whiter lights
  237. uConnect WiFi network specs...
  238. Nav tunnel vision
  239. Using Mirror Function with Uconnect theater
  240. 2018 Pacifica Touring Plus Bluetooth Audio Issue
  241. UConnect weather alerts
  242. Sirius XM Radio Offers/Deals
  243. Adding a powerport...
  244. Disable the Airbags
  245. Cargo port plug in
  246. Uconnect- BluRay for Rear Entertainment System
  247. HDMI port
  248. Front Door Speakers Don't Work
  249. Mopar Cell Phone Charging Pad wiring
  250. 2018 guys: Do your interior dash lights have good dimming range?