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  1. P1a29 obd2 code on 2019 Pacifica hybrid
  2. red low oil press warning light
  3. Cold morning 70mph engine start
  4. New 2019 Pacifica Hybrid Limited - What Apps do I need?
  5. Sitting parked and rough ICE engagements?
  6. How much do dealers make on sale vs maintenance?
  7. Start Button Use / Tricks
  8. P0533 check engine light, 2018 PacHy
  9. Pool of water on driveway every night
  10. Phone App to find Level charging stations?
  11. Engine Warning Light
  12. Ending Lifetime Warranties
  13. One Week Clunk
  14. ACC leading to Rear-end Accident
  15. Issue playing a CD
  16. Chrysler refusing repair
  17. Garage door opened stopped working
  18. Odometer reading?
  19. Wireless charging pad on Hybrid Limited?
  20. Winter tire information!
  21. Does the 2019 DEFINITELY qualify for $7500 deduction? Same w/California rebate?
  22. Vacuum Alternatives on PacHy
  23. U-94 Update. Engine whine and speaker "pop" comments.
  24. Chrysler Roadside Assistance or AAA?
  25. 18 Pacifica Hybrid Limited Halogens
  26. Confused about EV Mode vs Hybrid Mode Performance
  27. Backup Cameras
  28. Hybrid trim piece sticks out -everyone check this out
  29. Any shoppers out there losing their mind about the 2mpge change?
  30. New owner education help
  31. PacHy, the minivan who would be king.
  32. Riding Rough
  33. Engine Light on Yet Again and No Heat
  34. Texting through UConnect
  35. Requested New Feature
  36. PCM update question
  37. NBCSN Proving Grounds Episode with PacHy
  38. 1st Breakdown. 3k miles
  39. Engine whine
  40. Pacifica Hybrid Cold-Start Cabin Heat
  41. Nav Font Text Size
  42. New recall may be related to u73 cat fires
  43. 2019 Hybrid Limited features vs gas
  44. $60,000 in repairs so far...4000km
  45. Excellent Long Distance Trip
  46. Any way to send custom texts?
  47. Serious drivers, curves/mountains..how do you like yours?
  48. Nov 3, 2018 Radio Enhancements
  49. 2017 Limited with lots of problems
  50. Just got mine!
  51. Wintertime wheel/tire recommendations?
  52. Considering PacHy vs Gas
  53. Dangerous acc problem
  54. Need Opinions on Packages and Options
  55. End of my Rope ver 2.0
  56. Hybrid S Package
  57. Get it together Chrysler!
  58. Uconnect Streaming - Amazon Fire HD
  59. 18" Wheel requirement
  60. New 2018 Pacific Hybrid Purchase - Pacific NW area
  61. Importing a Pacifica Hybrid to Germany
  62. Uconnect Mobile app not showing all information
  63. End of my Rope
  64. Juice box pro enclosure
  65. Android Auto & can't control radio sound
  66. New left over 2017 Pacifica Hybrid Price
  67. Protective Clear Film rear bumper?
  68. Anyone remove the blue E decals?
  69. Bluetooth Activated when van off and Charge Schedule Starts
  70. New ad: Mr. Sexy
  71. Grill Blocking / Maximizing EV Range in Winter?
  72. 2018 Pachyb after recall battery life less
  73. 2019 Hybrid Configurator
  74. Used 2017 Pacifica Hybrid Advice
  75. New Clicking noise
  76. What floor mats to get?
  77. So what percentages of the hybrids have issues?
  78. Broken Axle - Think I'm dumping my Pacifica Hybrid
  79. Vehicle Recall Check
  80. Rhythmic clicking from dash when vehicle off
  81. Dead battery adventures
  82. Brand new hybrid - completely died
  83. Does 2019 hybrid "S" package come with power folding heated mirrors?
  84. Vehicle Transport Recommendations?
  85. Siren Proximity Alarm
  86. Fuel stabilizer for fill ups take longer then 3 months?
  87. Would you buy your 2018 Pacifica Hybrid again?
  88. Does it come with a jack?
  89. How many miles have you gotten out of a tank of gas?
  90. My 2018 Hybrid Limited caught FIRE
  91. Manufacture date and issues?
  92. My hybrid caught on fire, today.
  93. Any 2019 Hybrids seen
  94. Seat Covers
  95. 2019 S package wheels hybrid vs regular
  96. 2019 memory seat parts into my 2018...
  97. Introducing my LEMON
  98. 2019 Hybrid "S" Package, no 20" wheel option?
  99. Chrysler Portal
  100. Dealers can now do the 08-014-18 REV. A
  101. May have an Update, how do I find out, and what it contains?
  102. OTA (Other The Air) Update not working when clicking on "Update Now"
  103. How much power can be sourced from Pachy 110V outlet
  104. Question on mirrors folded dimension?
  105. Black Friday Deals?
  106. Pacifica gasser wheels on hybrid
  107. What the heck is this button???
  108. Trailer towing
  109. Siemens VersiCharge LVL 2 $390 - Costco
  110. I sit idling ALOT- will I be happy with a hybrid?
  111. short term review for PacHy 2018
  112. Passenger AC controls panel is out of reach
  113. Wish there is accent lights for sliding door handles
  114. Right Sliding Door Pops But Will Not Open
  115. Disable ALL automatic locking/unlocking?
  116. Waymos-big-ambitions-slowed-by-tech-trouble
  117. Retrieving lost trip data?
  118. Short, funny Pacifica hybrid review
  119. Engine Off Clunk/Snap Noise
  120. s apperance package
  121. Advice on Selling 2018 PacHY?
  122. U73 cruise control update for hybrids might cause catalytic converter problems
  123. Active Grill Shutters not on 2018 models?
  124. Dual Water Valve System Part Issue - Check Engine Light
  125. 80 MPH on batteries
  126. Auto door unlock
  127. CA DMV registration incorrect
  128. Second row seats installed backward questions
  129. Will Chrysler alow custom ordering of the PacHy?
  130. Fuel and Oil Refresh mode ON
  131. Do not disturb for phones
  132. National Drive Electric Week: September 8-16, 2018
  133. Reverse Camera and 360 camera stopped working
  134. Mileage range after recall
  135. Failed Power Inverter Module
  136. Sleeping in VAN with Heat/AC while plugged in?
  137. New Black 2018 Limited PacHy w/Hybrid Appearance Pkg
  138. Navigation or Map Update
  139. Being "extra ECO" today
  140. Level 2 home installation recommendation
  141. Hybrid less likely to have issues than gas version?
  142. Brand new PacyHybrid 2018 and Uconnect is dead and strange noise sliding door
  143. Heat on floor from batteries?
  144. Hidden Chrysler logo
  145. What is high pitch whine in hybrid mode?
  146. Bay area dealer for service with PHEV experience
  147. A/C pump seems pretty loud
  148. 2017 PHEV charging
  149. PacHy with S appearance package spotted on dealers lot
  150. Bluetooth interference static
  151. 2018 Tire replacement -- thoughts?
  152. Apple Carplay disconnects when ending navigation
  153. Finally a deal on PHEV
  154. Start the ICE after an oil change.
  155. Safety Recall U73
  156. OTA issued July 14th 2018
  157. Self driving Pacifica for the rest of us?
  158. Ontario Ends the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle and Charging Incentive Programs
  159. 12. 12 v cooler
  160. What does the battery coolant heater do and how does it work?
  161. Question on Mopar Warranty Claims and Fine Print
  162. Interesting review
  163. Possessed UConnect?
  164. Activate Uconnect in Canada
  165. Manually open rear liftgate HELP!
  166. It exists!
  167. Leave sliding door open without discharging 12 volt battery
  168. Android Auto Voice Command
  169. Continuous problems with 2018 Pacifica Hybrid Limited
  170. 2019 pacifica ordering advice in NJ
  171. PacHy - what noises should it make?
  172. Parksense tips
  173. Dissapearing Hybrids
  174. Multiple Significant Repairs and Ongoing Issues with 2018 Pacifica Hybrid
  175. 2017 hybrid check engine and ready light
  176. Brand new Pacifica Hybrid 2018 - Engine Light comes up 2nd time within first 30 days
  177. PacHy with S package
  178. Get your order in now! Ontario rebates in jeopardy!
  179. Roof Rack Dynamic vs. Static Load
  180. Best Ziegler Extended Warranty Code(s)
  181. Switching from Gas to Hybrid Pacifica
  182. Unlock a Locked PacHy without the key fob
  183. Gap between steering wheel and turn signal lever and adjusting height of hand rest
  184. Robotic Charging in the Mission (San Francisco)!
  185. Road Trip in brand new 2018 Hybrid
  186. acc/fcw limited functionality fixed
  187. Gas gauge going down when 100% electric
  188. DIY Vacuum
  189. Hybrid pedestrian warning sound Q
  190. HD Audio not working(working differently)?
  191. Anyone know when orders for 2019s are starting...
  192. Canadian Tariffs from Trump?
  193. New Pacifica Hybrid, dead USB port
  194. Sulfur Smell
  195. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid Died while Driving!
  196. UConnect update for Pacifica hybrid 2017
  197. Google to suck up big chunk of PacHy from market
  198. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid 2 days old - Check Engine light ON
  199. Should I cancel my order
  200. Are the updates getting the bugs out yet?
  201. What to do with Pachy when away on vacation?
  202. Sirius XM Guardian Notifications working again.
  203. Any owners here in South Orange County, CA?
  204. Highest mileage vehicle (distance, not MPG)
  205. Cruise control problem apply to hybrids?
  206. Redline Reviews drives the Pacifica Hybrid
  207. Does this recall affect us?
  208. Hybrid better in snow?
  209. ZIEGLER WARRANTY price increase?
  210. Just got our Hybrid!
  211. Hybrid Options List?
  212. My one week in a gas model Pacifica (rental)
  213. lock unlock while washing the car.
  214. Center Console Options
  215. WiFi (HotSpot) 5gHz only
  216. Forward collision warning faulty?
  217. Remove center seats?
  218. 2017 Uconnect Theatre Streaming
  219. Trip meter mpg display:does anyone know how it actually works?
  220. PacHy 2018 shuts off gas pump intermittently
  221. Key Fob Out of Van/Lift Gate Adjustment?
  222. Interrupted Charging with supplied level 1 unit
  223. audio pop when system powers on
  224. Extended Warranty Quote and Questions
  225. WeatherTech now has Hybrid 2nd row mats
  226. Anyone else still waiting for their factory ordered PacHy?
  227. New Purchase question
  228. Using Pacifica for backup house power
  229. Disable uConnect Theater
  230. dimming instrument panel fixed? and issue with auto highbeams
  231. Rear fender and passenger door damage
  232. Owners manual
  233. New Option on 2018s: Power Folding Mirrors - Hybrid Special Appearance Package
  234. Dark rearview camera
  235. Uconnect - Refresh Request Failed?
  236. Stranded on family vacation - Really starting to regret this purchase
  237. Adaptive cruise control too aggressive - Solved!
  238. free up a stuck app
  239. Exporting Pacifica Hybrid to Europe
  240. Retractable Charging Cable Reel?
  241. PHEV All Weather Mats?
  242. Radio locked! Help!
  243. 18" wheels
  244. Can the headlights be upgraded to HID?
  245. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid Cargo Floor Dimensions Behind Front Seats
  246. How to turn off Remote Start horn?
  247. SOS Emergency Call in Progress
  248. Tried to update Uconnect - failed ugh...
  249. All wheel drive
  250. Stitching color?