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  1. Stitching color?
  2. "older" vs "newer" 2018 PacHy models - Advanced SafetyTec group
  3. Awful static and crackling from Bluetooth connection when listening to music
  4. Looking for advice - to buy or not to buy...
  5. 2018 PacHy ABS Module failure
  6. Brand new 2018 PacHy Limited Transmission problems, lousy customer service
  7. Spotted: Pacifica Hybrid
  8. Rattling noise second row bucket seat backrest vibrating
  9. Recall inspection
  10. Tinkling/Rattling noise second row passenger seat
  11. Southern California Mopar Hitch Installation?
  12. Ran out of Gas
  13. 2nd Row Tilt
  14. Pacifica Hybrid: makes the most sense
  15. 2018 Hybrid release date?
  16. Factory Service Manual
  17. ACC doesnt follow GPS Route
  18. Climate Control System Woes
  19. Act as House Generator?
  20. Hybrid Battery Warranty
  21. Electric/fuel refresh mode
  22. The Ugly Cyclops (aka the FCW sensor)
  23. Rear Ceiling Vents - No Airflow
  24. Cargo cover (for security)?
  25. Van not running on the battery??
  26. Buying a Pacifica Hybrid Limited
  27. Locked out with Key Fob inside
  28. Basic Sirius XM question
  29. Awsome deal on EVSE chargers for march 20th till 10pm EST.
  30. Suspension upgrades?q
  31. Electric Venhicle Plates for PacHy
  32. Any long-term/high mileage Hybrid owners? How happy are you?
  33. Suggested New Features:
  34. Loss of power
  35. Where to buy black rims
  36. Chrysler continues to disappoint
  37. PacHy Headlights
  38. New 2018 Hybrid limited is missing features
  39. Q: Android connected and texting
  40. Snow cables/chains for PacHy
  41. Would y’all recommend the hybrid for someone looking for a long-term vehicle (~10 Yea
  42. Engine lost power at 65 miles on Freeway
  43. 360/Back up camera not working
  44. Alluminated Charge Port
  45. Hybrid Battery Technical Details
  46. Cross patch detection-Not available????
  47. Since the Feb 2018 Uconnect Theater update, USB stick has to be re-inserted
  48. Accident :( - Click to have your heart break
  49. Poorly Designed Dashboard and lack of Engine Override
  50. Inaccurate driving history in Hybrid Electric app
  51. Vehicle DEAD on arrival - 2x
  52. Max continuous output of 12 volt battery charger
  53. Hybrid Climate Control Econo setting?
  54. After 15+ months, finally got my Pacifica Hybrid
  55. Some observations for those shopping for a Pacifica hybrid
  56. Best Level 2 Charge in Ontario
  57. charging schedule not working
  58. Really Cool stuff - Waymo and Pacifica
  59. About to pull the trigger
  60. Android phone pairing
  61. Regen Braking
  62. FCA please remember my ventilated seat settings!
  63. PacHy Dead Speaker Update
  64. Charging Notifications
  65. Droning sound from a/c
  66. Malfunction of SOS call
  67. Can Keysense be turned off
  68. A Call for HELP from all PacHy Owners!!
  69. Educate me please!
  70. Hybrid Multifunction Indicator Light warning
  71. Scangage
  72. Total number of Chrysler Hybrids Sold?
  73. Quick Intro and Questions...
  74. Anyway to disable Pedestrian Warning (Noise maker)
  75. Collision avoidance
  76. Rear hatch opens and alarm (honking) goes off
  77. INternal length behind the front seats?
  78. Disappointed in my Uconnect App
  79. How to update UConnect for Touring L?
  80. Broken eHybrid page
  81. Radio Software Version
  82. Uconnect vs Xm vs Wi Fi or phone tether
  83. Skipping OTA software update
  84. 2018 Hybrid Limited-Want Spare Tire not Vac
  85. Question about mountain highway driving
  86. Charging schedule not working
  87. Oil refresh mode - analysis and solutions
  88. Anyone try Feb7 Over Air Update yet?
  89. Carplay in Hybrid Touring L
  90. Did 2018 Hybrid discontinue Safety Tec on Touring Plus
  91. Dead Uconnect headset
  92. Pedestrian Alert system disable
  93. XAWS - Pedestrian Warning Speaker
  94. 2018 Hybrid window sticker
  95. Rear windshield washer
  96. Oil change frequency
  97. Keyfob passive key question?
  98. Interior lights timing out when accessing rear hatch
  99. Changing seatbelt alerts etc.
  100. Reducing the volume of the door chime
  101. How to track rail shipment status from Chrysler.com URL
  102. Driving history
  103. Hybrid - to Extend, or Not to Extend the Warranty?
  104. WAYMO buying more PacHy - way more
  105. Inconsistent door locking from the outside door handle button
  106. Formula for determining if public charging makes sense for you
  107. 2018 vs 2017
  108. Picking Up New Pacifica Hybrid Limited within a week
  109. Set Default 8.4" Screen/App?
  110. Verification of Extension of Manufacturer's Warranty?
  111. Does A/C always work in the Hybrid van
  112. Charging Issue on both 110 and 220
  113. How do I initiate replacement?
  114. Any early adopters still going strong with not a single problem?
  115. Do Pacifica Hybrid’s charge when being driven?
  116. Wind Noise
  117. Who is Mopar
  118. Running a fan without ac or temperature control?
  119. Can someone take a picture of the 2018 hyrid foglights?
  120. Nervous Buyer
  121. Hybrid has a new color-Copper Pearl-Coat Exterior Paint
  122. Alloy seat discoloring in 2017 hybrid
  123. No heat while in EV mode
  124. Any Hybrid owners put a HUD in their van??
  125. AndroidAuto - disabling the handset
  126. Oil Pressure at 0 psi
  127. Remote locking and starting constantly failing
  128. Pacifica Hybrid Limited Price Increase on Builds after Start of New Year
  129. Is trip data available?
  130. No light on EVSE / Charging port
  131. Blue Charging Lights
  132. Engine Wheezing noise
  133. Random questions
  134. Can you charge using an extension cord?
  135. Uconnect Canada App
  136. Very Generic Questions - Charging Stations - Rear Stow and Go Seats
  137. Still can't believe I bought a $60000 caravan
  138. 2017 Pacifica Hybrid Won't turn off
  139. Opening trunk and side doors by kicking
  140. 2018 Hybrid spare tire?
  141. What's your actual gas mileage? Is mine normal?
  142. PacHy 120V Charger on 240V OK?
  143. Feature requirement on charging schedule
  144. How to set date/timezone?
  145. Auto park brake
  146. Turning off Uconnect in Rear Seats
  147. How to turn off Power Liftgate
  148. Fuel maintenance mode
  149. What app(s) do you use to find EV charging stations?
  150. Will PacHy run with no gas in the tank?
  151. Key Sense documentation
  152. charge port locking and won't relase
  153. Grey Screen / Lines on Screen / black rectangles on screen
  154. All these PacHy problems
  155. Check engine / FCW light(s) / Traction light / Limp mode while driving uphill
  156. FS in Vancouver: 17' Pacifica Hybrid with Sunroof + Mats + 2 years warranty extension
  157. Top speed of Pacifica Hybrid
  158. Using Pacifica PHEV as a hybrid vehicle with no plug-in
  159. Alert Noise when entering vehicle
  160. 11 Days Old- Battery Conditioning Error
  161. 2018 Troubled Hybrid
  162. Fuel And Oil Refresh Mode Poll
  163. MBI mech breakdown insurance for new PacHy?
  164. Question on In-Transit and paperwork
  165. The Pacifica Positivity Thread
  166. Front Passenger side glass chipped for 2018 hybrid limited
  167. Charge Fault
  168. "How it's made" Pac Hybrid Video
  169. 1 in 12 Pacificas sold is a Hybrid
  170. How does one set the date on the radio?
  171. Tire Pressure (PSI) Load Chart
  172. Oversized snow tire options?
  173. Uconnect / Touchscreen issues
  174. Oil pressure zero
  175. "12v" Battery Voltage
  176. Uconnect app 2018 Pacifica - Canada
  177. Any suggestions on floormat and seat cushion for PacHy?
  178. How much do you pay for extended warranty?
  179. We Almost Got a PACHY Ltd. Today
  180. Hybrid drives better than gas Pacifica
  181. Still no Level 2 Charger, anyone received?
  182. Charging during rain
  183. Winter Tires (Rims)
  184. Does your radiator/condenser fan turn on when you open the hood?
  185. Anyone else having trouble getting 30 miles of electric range?
  186. Battery Heater Failure @ 8,000 miles
  187. When did you order? When did you receive your vehicle?
  188. Change the speed limiter
  189. I put 20" tires on and it looks and rides better
  190. Off-set console
  191. Has anyone transported a christmas tree yet?
  192. Can I turn on while plugged in?
  193. Oklahoma Buying Experience
  194. SirusXM Traffic Plus and Travel Link Disabled in 2018 Canadian
  195. No Wifi Network
  196. If Model Y was available today...
  197. Hybrid System Limited Warranty
  198. 'Screen Off' but not really.
  199. 2018 model, black screen, fuse 76, uconnect 4
  200. Swapping Halogen Headlight Assembly with OEM HID Assembly (from gas pacifica)
  201. Software bug?
  202. getting build sheet from VIN
  203. Window tinting?
  204. Do you turn off LaneSense on Pacifica Hybrid Limited?
  205. misleading info on battery usages..
  206. Firmware version(s)?
  207. This vehicle needs a safety lockout for the ICE. Plugged in = no engine running.
  208. Front License Plate Frame (without ruining bumper)
  209. Backup camera does not work in shade or dark
  210. Siemens VersiCharge LVL 2 $390 - Costco
  211. voice texting
  212. The battery capacity tracking project
  213. Is the 2018 Hybrid Limited worth the headaches?
  214. 2017 Hybrid Platinum vs 2018 Hybrid Limited
  215. Mileage at delivery
  216. Anyone upgrade their electric service?
  217. Nexen Tires on the 2018
  218. Got my PacHy!
  219. "Gas and oil system recharge in progress, engine running"
  220. Chrysler Data Plan Hotspot etc.
  221. Winter Tires/Wheels
  222. Dealer sold my car after signing the contract. Advice please!
  223. Loss of acceleration.
  224. PacHy is Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2018
  225. Why no grab handles in the front row?
  226. Preconditioning: How do I know?
  227. OEM mud flaps installed
  228. Recommendations for Hybrid Second-Row Seat Covers
  229. Advanced SafetyTec
  230. Dashboard camera
  231. Elimination of Federal Tax Incentive
  232. PacHy Brake Pedal Lockup & Cold Start Issue
  233. Winter rims and lug nuts
  234. PacHy shipping with 18" Nexan Brand tires (instead of Michelin 18")
  235. Sliding doors and lift gate opened all at once
  236. Driver's side sliding door not flush
  237. UConnect Access / SiriusXM Guardian (annoyances and alternative)
  238. Engine turning on when stopped in traffic
  239. U connect issue after PIM repair
  240. Mats for 2018 Pacifica Hybrid
  241. Juicebox Level 2 Charger Group Buy
  242. Loud Engine???
  243. Our 2018 Didnt Make it Far (Screaming Engine/transmission)
  244. Any reason not to purchase 2017 Pacifica Hybrid if 2018 is available?
  245. Memory seats in 2018 in PacHy?
  246. iPhone 8 / X charging on 2018
  247. UConnect Access for 2018 Hybrid Touring L
  248. Dealer put holes in my bumper!
  249. "S" Model for the Hybrid
  250. 2018 PacHy New Owner Onboarding Checklist