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: 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discussion

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  1. Carseat Cover / Protector?
  2. Did yours come with EVTS for $495?
  3. PHEV Extended Warranty in Canada
  4. Phone mount
  5. Does the 3rd row stow & go?
  6. Rear seat UConnect and Netflix
  7. Lifetime Warranty
  8. New entry level hybrid
  9. Any 2018 Phev Pacifica Information??
  10. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Potential Issue?
  11. Tesla Charging Stations?
  12. Tire Inflator Kit, Mud Flap/Guards, All Weather Mat Quetions
  13. Lifetime warranty transferable?
  14. Tire model on 17" wheels
  15. Removed seat behind drivers seat. Gaps in floor.
  16. Has anyone tried Parking Assist yet?
  17. Hybrid electric engine acceleration
  18. Hybrid platinum keys
  19. Home Charger question
  20. Ontario Green License Plates or no?
  21. DO NOT BUY WeatherTech for HYBRID yet
  22. PHEV - Recalls
  23. Current Discounts, TDM, Rebates
  24. Mopar Videos
  25. Share your Experiences with your New Pacifica Hybrid!
  26. Price Negotiations
  27. Unsold hybrid
  28. 500 PHEV Pacifica's going to Waymo/Google
  29. Ventilated Seats
  30. No UConnect Access App for Canada
  31. Silver Teal Availability?
  32. Waymo Getting more Pacifica Hybrids
  33. Overhead DVD player
  34. Help please! Need to convert Dealer Order to Sold order
  35. New Jeep concept similar to the Pacifica Hybrid?
  36. 18" Wheels Unavailable
  37. Does anyone else's sold order show up in the Chrysler available inventory lookup?
  38. Floor mat group buy interest?
  39. Missed call from FCA and no voicemail, now what?
  40. Early reservation getting black interior VS White
  41. Don't bother trying to lease...Yet
  42. Delivery Event Tomorrow
  43. Pacifica Hybrid at the NY Auto Show
  44. USA shipments beginning?
  45. What is required to order/reserve?
  46. About to Order PHEV in the Ontario
  47. Possible Issues with the first Hybrid Deliveries
  48. Free Level 2 Charger
  49. Hybrid Specific Seat-Covers?
  50. How Green is the Hybrid
  51. maintenance requirements and no "green" benefit?
  52. sunroof or not?
  53. Rear seat entertainment system
  54. Changing my PacHy order
  55. What is "Easy Entry Slide Second Row Seating"?
  56. Chrysler Website - Platinum pics don't show safety tec
  57. Range - False Advertising?
  58. Pre-conditioning: Can Pac Hybrid warm or cool interior inside enclosed garage?
  59. iPhone App ?
  60. Trying to get the 2018 release schedule
  61. Tow hitch voids warranty?
  62. Pig Flies? Really??
  63. Waymo Pacifica Hybrid
  64. Should we have a letter, email, and phone call campaign?
  65. Seriously Thinking about cancelling my PHEV order
  66. Least expensive minivan with advanced safety tech
  67. Does anybody know a Journalist, who could do a story on status of Hybrids?
  68. I mildly grilled customer support today.. Here's what I got
  69. Strategy for Underwater Trade-In
  70. Window Stickers
  71. Window Sticker Listing Details
  72. Apparently the black interior is not a dream
  73. PHEV Build Sheet Title Change
  74. Ordered a Premium...
  75. adding homelink. is it really as easy as...
  76. Interior+Exterior 360 view of Hybrid Platinum
  77. Do the sliding door windows roll down?
  78. Hybrid Shipping Hold Until March 27th?
  79. Rain-X on camera
  80. Does the build sheet mean it's done or just being started?
  81. Are you buying a Hybrid MVP extended warranty?
  82. Uconnect Theater
  83. hybrids on the lot / discounted
  84. Feature comparison to Honda Odyssey?
  85. How to generate buildsheet
  86. Pacifica Hybrid Canadian January Sales
  87. 2018 Hybrids this summer?
  88. Considering an order
  89. Should there be a difference in Break in Period?
  90. email updates during build from Chrysler?
  91. More details on why/when the engine runs in winter
  92. Mopar charging unit price?
  93. Pacifica Child Seat Capacity
  94. Windsor Assembly Plant
  95. gear shifting needed in electric only drive?
  96. Consideration for long waits on the Hybrid
  97. New Car Sales
  98. Expected Delivery Finally
  99. rear seat reclining?
  100. Fuel Tank Capacity?
  101. Height above floor of 2nd row seats?
  102. 0-60 Times for Hybrid ?
  103. Wait Time?
  104. Solar Panels: Any Pacifica Hybrid owners considering them?
  105. Good reviews of Pacifica and electric cars in general here:
  106. New Super Console
  107. Wait - 17" Wheels?
  108. Spare Tire Game Plan
  109. A 2017 Pacifica Hybrid wheel watch? Seriously?
  110. Comprehensive List of Features Unavailable in the 2017 Hybrid
  111. Memory Seats?
  112. LED headlights on the Pacifica Hybrid
  113. Heated Second Row Seats?
  114. Fill Up Strategy
  115. Silly question about hybrids...
  116. Pacifica Hybrid Factory Assembly Video
  117. $$$ Savings using Electricity vs Gas
  118. Cold Weather: Owners manual says....
  119. Touch Up Paint
  120. black interior avail on Hybrid?
  121. HomeLink missing from hybrid
  122. Dealerships with the hybrids ?
  123. Does the infotainment system support CarPlay or Android Auto?
  124. When will Silver Teal color appear?
  125. [PETITION] Add remote AC/Heated seat feature to uconnect PHEV app
  126. First member to take delivery of a Pacifica Hybrid! Post here with Pics
  127. DVD/Blu ray player
  128. Changing lights in the hybrid
  129. Electric only driving and car chirp
  130. Production delay in hybrid
  131. Lease or Finance?
  132. Production volume for Pacifica PHEVs - the main factor in pricing
  133. Extended warranty
  134. Why no 8th seater option?
  135. Lack of interior options on Hybrid
  136. Hybrid Owners Manual and User Guide
  137. Self-driving Pacifica hybrids!
  138. 13 or 20 speakers on Hybrid?
  139. Leave AC running while sleeping in the VAN
  140. Cloth seat option for Pacifica hybrid
  141. PHEV pioneers
  142. great interview
  143. Pacifica Hybrid Platinum vs Premium
  144. Panel Discussion with Hybrid Chief Engineers
  145. MaxCare Extended Warranty
  146. Are the mirrors automatically folding on the Platinum?
  147. Chrysler Online Configurator Updated with Hybrid
  148. Fully Electric Pacifica may be at CES
  149. 2nd row seat tilt
  150. Green Clean Air Vehicle decals ?
  151. Hybrid 2017 Brochure?
  152. Hybrid Platinum vs Gas Limited options
  153. Pre heat cabin from phone and on schedule?
  154. PHEV Pacifica Towing
  155. PHEV HP/torque
  156. Pacifica Hybrid Pricing - Canada
  157. MotorTrend Hybrid First Drive/Review
  158. Hybrid 2nd Row seats
  159. Hybrid Napkin Research
  160. Hybrid Details - what I'll be looking at...
  161. Journalists testing PHEV Nov 11th!
  162. Hybrid release date in Canada?
  163. PHEV Pacifica Coming !
  164. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: Important Facts
  165. Current Hybrid blue - not a fan.
  166. 2017 Pacifica Hybrid trim and pricing
  167. What's the delay with the hybrid version?
  168. Hybrid Release Date?
  169. Why Chrysler made the Pacifica Hybrid
  170. Rare picture of Hybrid engine bay