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  1. Broken part after Dealer Service
  2. brake question
  3. Concerned about fire issue should i buy 2018
  4. Nothing significant 2020
  5. What is your average oil consumption?
  6. Intermittent charging issue and ICE starting even when battery is 100% charged.
  7. Lets see who got highest total miles on your PacHy
  8. Dealer says the sunroof rattle is a "feature."
  9. Help - How to avoid pachy fire accident?
  10. Jekayla EVSE
  11. Rolling bearing in sliding door
  12. stock level 1 charger to 240V question
  13. 85F Temp no AC did not deplete charge before GAS use?
  14. Swap Hybrid for Hybrid = Win for Environment?
  15. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid dead starter battery
  16. How many months has your tank of gas lasted?
  17. Thing I miss the most in my 2018 PacHy Limited
  18. The best automotive reviewer reviews the best PHEV minivan
  19. U0594 Engine Code? - Anyone else had this?
  20. Water Stains in Garage
  21. 18' Hybrid no rear HVAC control @ dealer 38 days
  22. Protective Clear Film by Mopar
  23. OEM Factory hitch DIY install - Anyone?
  24. Rattle Rattle!
  25. Amount of Hybrids to Gas Models sold?
  26. Shutting itself off while driving/not starting at all???
  27. battery to gas switch
  28. Park/steering manual release
  29. Quiet Vehicle Protection Module (QVPM) on current vehicles?
  30. Question about Safetytec package
  31. After market GPS receiver
  32. Just got a new 18 hybrid. Few questions.
  33. 2019 Pacifica Hybrid Fob fails to work
  34. 2019 Pacifica Hybrid TPMS doesn’t work
  35. Safe to the engine and transmission to drive in L gear?
  36. PacHy Charging - How often?
  37. Pacifica Hybrid burnt to the ground
  38. How did my new 2018 PacHy NOT have a battery issue???
  39. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid Dead Within 2 days of Purchase
  40. Auto Locking
  41. Buying a new Pacifica. A bit nervous
  42. 2018 Hybrid Limited Update - 8k miles
  43. Guess the missing part
  44. Recall notice (V15 2018 RU BALL JOINT)?
  45. PacHy vs Ody or Sienna
  46. Lemon Law
  47. Software Re-boot.
  48. L confusion
  49. Engine kicks on for no apparent reason?
  50. Reliability survey
  51. Earth day fun - how much have you cut your greenhouse gas emissions?
  52. Emergency Response Guide
  53. Best way to find 2019 PacHy Limited without sunroof
  54. New Owner Experience
  55. New 2019 Pachy stuck in park
  56. Pacifica Hybrid regrets x 2 (don't buy!)
  57. Radio Enhancement for 2018 Pacifica
  58. Just did my first 1000 mile/tank
  59. Apple Car Play
  60. Draw-tite hitch
  61. Battery life for long term owners
  62. Battery capacity information
  63. Don't expect company
  64. Van shocked us. Literally.
  65. Expressway Mode not working on NAV system
  66. any "hold mode" hacks?
  67. Any Boston area Pacifica owners want to show off their PHEV on APril 27th?
  68. 2019 dashboard changes
  69. If you keep your cars over 10 years..
  70. Aftermarket alarm integration?
  71. 2019 Hybrid Limited features ( or lack of them )
  72. OBDII P04B5 Error
  73. Level 2 Chargers, backlog
  74. Spooky fuel door
  75. New Paint Corrosion Issues after "Fix"
  76. Tire Store Lift of PacHy
  77. Running boards with the limited hybrid
  78. Service Hybrid Electrical System
  79. Pacifica AWD minivan
  80. Buying a new 2018 PacHy that's been sitting on the lot
  81. Flooding weather
  82. Sunroof Thoughts?
  83. Electrician
  84. In the Market for a PacHy - Couple of Questions
  85. Another charging issue.
  86. 2019 Pacifica Hybrid Problems
  87. Our 2018 died roadside with a clunk and a buck.
  88. Just got U94
  89. My aching back
  90. In The Market Questions
  91. Strange noises even when not charging
  92. Do 20in wheels on the Pachy affect speedometer?
  93. Lift gate issue
  94. Single and delayed in the rest stop? Dog will be killed by Chrysler!
  95. UConnect mobile app no longer shows battery level
  96. Daylight Saving Time on PacHy
  97. Is it time to trade in my 2019 (Thinking, Safety)
  98. Recall V15
  99. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid transformer
  100. Charging power consumption
  101. Plug-In Notification
  102. 'ACC' versus 'RUN' on PacHy
  103. 2019 PacHy Limited Video Review
  104. Tracking system for orders?
  105. Is the rear view mirror height adjustable?
  106. Charge Port Cover & Snow
  107. Unknown current draw
  108. 2019 - Dash Cam
  109. Any pictures of 2017 or 2018 OEM HID Cutoff Beam Pattern
  110. Small black clip in new car
  111. 2019 I want to buy is in service dept
  112. Pulled the trigger
  113. Are They Really Loud?
  114. Used PacHy Market
  115. Scissor Jack recommendations
  116. 2017 PacHy gets Red Turtle and dies!
  117. Push Button with Key Fob to Start
  118. EVSE fault?
  119. Over a Year, Still Love My Hybrid
  120. checkers game dumb issue
  121. uConnet CarPlay
  122. Battery issue/question for new hybrid
  123. One of us?
  124. Would you purchase hybrid 2019?
  125. Driving Pacific in snow
  126. 2019 Pacifica Hybrid: Shuddering when engine turns off when stopped
  127. Compare EV and Plug-in Hybrids
  128. All owners !!! Pacifica hybrid cought on fire - escaped from the car
  129. 2018 versus 2019 PACHY
  130. Control of DVD Screens
  131. 2017 PacHy won't start
  132. Drive Electric Earth Day 2019
  133. Car and driver long term review
  134. Pumping or Gear turning noise while parked and plugged in.
  135. Will these steel wheels fit?
  136. Considering purchasing a used 2017 PacHy
  137. Good review
  138. Refresh Mode vs. ICE
  139. Battery usage increasing instead of decreasing
  140. 3rd row seats
  141. Does the car's microphone offer a "Cabin Talk" or "Easy-speak" option
  142. 2018 Pacifica hybrid issues...
  143. One year with the Pacifica Hybrid
  144. ChryslerCares responsiveness?
  145. PacHy ‘wakes up’ and then shuts down
  146. General Maintenance Package
  147. Let me count the ways..... this car sucks
  148. Winter Performance
  149. Just got the U73 "urgent safety recall by mail.
  150. Seat and steering heater doesn't work 1st time of the day
  151. My opinion on why uConnect app doesn't work
  152. Battery dies on Pacifica Hybrid - Rolls out of driveway into street!
  153. Best info on when ICE runs when battery available?
  154. California Carpool Sticker Issue Date?
  155. 2019-Hybrid: Gas Funnel oddity
  156. bluetooth connects when pluging in car
  157. December sales event?
  158. 2019 Hybrid Limited Owner Quick-Review (from 2017 Limited owner)
  159. Can u get 2019 Pacifica touring L with tech package?
  160. Pacifica Hybrid vs Gas 8-Seater for Family of 5
  161. Nashville FleetCarma Project Data
  162. How far can the PHEV go without recharging?
  163. Crankshaft pulley
  164. ICE Cycling in Cold Weather
  165. ICE knocking/grinding startup
  166. Can you lock your Pacifica with the sliding doors open?
  167. @Chryslercares, will hitch cause warranty problems
  168. Uh, stupid question about MPG readings
  169. 2017 Pacifica Hybrid Not Starting
  170. PacHy with Michelin Xi2 is great in the snow!
  171. Any ideas how to force PacHy into ICE mode when above 0%?
  172. Hotspot / SIM card question
  173. Screen Brightness each night
  174. Strategy for maintenance for occasional use and outdoor parking
  175. After recall was done, fan starts up when charging?
  176. Low Temperature ICE Behavior
  177. a 2007 NPR interview with Lee Iacocca
  178. New Theory re 12v/Sulfur Smell and anomalous ICE running
  179. How to get current MPG to display?
  180. All or only most PHEVs recalled?
  181. Lloyds cargo mat for pachy, does it fit?
  182. HVAC question
  183. Smells like a dead animal and not charging
  184. how to remote start on level 2 electricity only
  185. 2nd row hvac on remote start
  186. 2019 pachy limited, is this 3g or lte?
  187. Manufacturing date info
  188. What else is missing?
  189. pachy engine break in
  190. Undercarriage panel drooping normal?
  191. Has anyone removed a tire?
  192. Lots of random issues lately, engine start/stop , rear climate access, etc
  193. Steering wheel heater
  194. 2018 Pacifica Hybrid almost caught fire after latest recall fix
  195. Heated Seats not very warm
  196. I am scared to buy a Pacifica
  197. Interior sliding door buttons not working
  198. Luxury White
  199. How is it so CHEAP?
  200. Public Charger Wouldn't Release (Cut it off..)
  201. Who's Old ride is this?
  202. Sirius Guardian $$$$$$$$$
  203. Strange ICE Behavior
  204. Luck ran out
  205. Considering buying, but what's with the braking?
  206. HELP.. DTC on new 2019 car. Should I buy??
  207. Is ACC/advanced safety worth 5K more?
  208. Flat tire on a new PacHy
  209. Brand new 2018 PacHy left me stranded today
  210. Possible slowdown in Hybrid Production
  211. Full plugin charged battery
  212. PacHy no longer taking a charge
  213. Navigation Problem
  214. Openpilot
  215. Good deal on 2019L - yay or nay?
  216. Pacifica Hybrid Experience- Towed after 250 miles...
  217. Looking into Purchasing a Hybrid
  218. P1a29 obd2 code on 2019 Pacifica hybrid
  219. red low oil press warning light
  220. Cold morning 70mph engine start
  221. New 2019 Pacifica Hybrid Limited - What Apps do I need?
  222. Sitting parked and rough ICE engagements?
  223. How much do dealers make on sale vs maintenance?
  224. Start Button Use / Tricks
  225. P0533 check engine light, 2018 PacHy
  226. Pool of water on driveway every night
  227. Phone App to find Level charging stations?
  228. Engine Warning Light
  229. Ending Lifetime Warranties
  230. One Week Clunk
  231. ACC leading to Rear-end Accident
  232. Issue playing a CD
  233. Chrysler refusing repair
  234. Garage door opened stopped working
  235. Odometer reading?
  236. Wireless charging pad on Hybrid Limited?
  237. Winter tire information!
  238. Does the 2019 DEFINITELY qualify for $7500 deduction? Same w/California rebate?
  239. Vacuum Alternatives on PacHy
  240. U-94 Update. Engine whine and speaker "pop" comments.
  241. Chrysler Roadside Assistance or AAA?
  242. 18 Pacifica Hybrid Limited Halogens
  243. Confused about EV Mode vs Hybrid Mode Performance
  244. Backup Cameras
  245. Hybrid trim piece sticks out -everyone check this out
  246. Any shoppers out there losing their mind about the 2mpge change?
  247. New owner education help
  248. PacHy, the minivan who would be king.
  249. Riding Rough
  250. Engine Light on Yet Again and No Heat