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: Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems

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  1. braking (hard?) disables ESS and throws u0402
  2. Silly rodent warranty coverage
  3. 2017 Pacifica Fuel Rail Sensor replaced and now leaking fuel and will not start
  4. Second row headrest.
  5. Intermittent air conditioning (non-ESS)
  6. Poor/Weak Radio Reception
  7. Too many issues to name and no one will help
  8. Sliding door failure to close
  9. 2018 Pacifica Limited problems - replacement?
  10. Gurgling sound behind dash
  11. Knocking pano sunroof after rain
  12. Very frustrated- Dont feel safe anymore
  13. Bluetooth / Microphone issues
  14. backup camera video messed up
  15. Unable to activate SiriusXM Guardian
  16. 3rd row cup holders warming
  17. Rear hatch opens part way and stops
  18. 2017 Pacifica frustration
  19. Done with Pacifica. Done with Chrysler
  20. Dashboard Delamination and or peeling of coating 2018 Limited Pacifica
  21. Help I am stuck 4 hours from home van won’t start
  22. Defect in Factory paint...peeling off.
  23. Instrument Cluster display fails/off
  24. Main Screen Rattle Noise
  25. Houston Area Dealer Recommendation for Service
  26. Complete Electronics Failure - Dealer stumped
  27. 2017 Pacifica Touring AC problems
  28. Oil in Antifreeze
  29. Android auto does not work after recall fix
  30. 3rd row headrest leaning forward too much!
  31. Check Engine light and no accelaration
  32. Backup Camera wont come on
  33. Sliding Door Problem - Dealer Won’t Fix It
  34. Liftgate alarm
  35. Front bumper alignment issue causing paint to chip off near headlights and fenders
  36. Steering wheel volume control
  37. 2nd bad battery in 1.5 years...
  38. Uconnect 8.4
  39. 2017 Pacifica accelerator problem
  40. Hood Corrosion
  41. Battery issues
  42. 2018 Pacifica
  43. Issue with Wide Angle Camera Views
  44. Growling/Groaning sound when backing.
  45. Uconnect Theater not working
  46. In the shop almost as long as I've owned it...
  47. Should I lemon law my PacHy?
  48. DVD player tripped
  49. transmission
  50. Lane departure assist and Nav colors
  51. Our expereince with NCDS Dispute Settlement and Chrysler
  52. Clock Settings
  53. ParkSense doesn't work 2018 Pacifica Hybrid
  54. New 2018 Wi-Fi Coming Soon?
  55. 2nd Row Uconnect Screen is dead.
  56. Windshield replacement, resetting camera/sensors?
  57. AC not working
  58. GPS clock not tracking
  59. Transmission often makes bump, clunk or thud noise when changing Gears..
  60. Van has too many issues.
  61. Have you ever seen this?
  62. Android Auto stopped working
  63. Lemon Law - Offer to Help
  64. UConnect USB
  65. MIL came on - P000D code
  66. Backup sensors/parking sensors
  67. Second Row passenger side folding down or forward issue
  68. Lane Departure Warning
  69. Backup camera lines missing and sensors offline
  70. Random sliding doors losing power
  71. U0100 - Lost Communication with ECM/PCM "A"
  72. Sliding Doors Open When Locked
  73. Break lights stop working
  74. 2017 Pacifica doesn’t start in the heat
  75. 2018 Limited S - Auto Lock Malfuntion
  76. Gas vent
  77. Rear climate control missing after Uconnect update
  78. Regret Purchase of 2017 Pacifica
  79. 2018 Pacifica Touring L - experience floor vibration (engine?) on the front
  80. UConnect Problem-Not Loading Phone Contacts
  81. 2018 pacifica wifi coming soon
  82. Knocking noise from steering system.
  83. 2018 Pacifica, rear door problems
  84. Uconnect went haywire today
  85. Sliding door knock while driving
  86. Tick When You Step on Gas or Let off Gas
  87. Vehicle Security Warning Light
  88. Service Shifter
  89. Service Airbag System Message
  90. rear sensors not working
  91. Active park assist alignment problem?
  92. Hill Assist
  93. Heated Seats only on for a few seconds
  94. UConnect Theater Driver-Side Screen stopped working
  95. Stop/Start failed. Died at an intersection
  96. Big drop in reliability for 2018 Pacifica in TrueDelta survey
  97. Clunk under driver seat during braking
  98. Stow and go breaking for 3rd row
  99. stalling possibly when switching to gas engine
  100. Turn off Weather alerts
  101. Phone # for Texas FCA "Resolutions" or FCA "Legal"
  102. Bluetooth does not transfer when leaving vehicle
  103. Phone cuts out when stopped
  104. Good Riddence To The Stalling Death Trap!
  105. Front end clunking noise at 50-70 mph
  106. ACC front end noise
  107. Transmission KICKS/Slams when driving slow speed
  108. Seat Guide Rail Lube Melted?
  109. Vehicle finder (SIRIUSXM GUARDIAN) not working
  110. My pacifica
  111. Hard Shift @ Low Speed
  112. 2018 Pacifica Panoramic sunroof and sunshade wont move
  113. Lemon Law/Buy Back of 2017
  114. Radio (UConnect 8.4 AN) lives it own life
  115. Pacifica dialed phone by itself
  116. Charging schedule not working
  117. MPG calculation wrong (drop to 4.7)
  118. Unusual Dashboard Error Message(s)
  119. Dealer charging under warranty coverage
  120. Forward Collision Warning Didn't Warn
  121. Chipped NAV screen
  122. Dying Batteries Thought
  123. Are 2017s still stalling post-U01?
  124. Instrument Panel Blisters
  125. 2017 Dirty Headlamp Lenses (inside)
  126. Manual release of rear lift gate.
  127. Power Unavailable to Sliding Doors and Liftgate
  128. Back-Up Camera Issue
  129. Using Emergency Key Without Setting Off Alarm?
  130. Making the sliding door stop before completely open or completely closed.
  131. Outside Temperature Display Update Time
  132. UConnect w/Rear Scr - VRM Update 1748.11
  133. Parksense Rear Park Assist with Stop 2018 Touring L Plus
  134. True statistics
  135. Adaptive cruise issue - when auto stopping
  136. Tailgate issue
  137. "shifter service" issue
  138. Sliding doors will not open manually
  139. 2018 Radio Problems
  140. Blind Spot Monitor Unavailable, Fail
  141. Windshield cracked without prior damage
  142. 2018 Touring Plus Carplay and Clock Issues
  143. Front end chirp
  144. 2018 Pacifica with less complain reported than Honda
  145. So Is The Stalling a Software Issue Like Chrysler Says Or This??
  146. No SOS or Assist Functionality!
  147. Why Is The Original Thread On Stalling Now Talking About Oil Changes?
  148. remote autostart problem
  149. Brand new 2018 TL -- blue tint in backup camera screen
  150. Passanger Side Sliding Door Will not Open
  151. Malfunction indicator light U1124
  152. need replacement radio unit??
  153. Sliding door stuck open in garage
  154. Heated driver seat won't operate.
  155. I'm not sure my FCW is working.
  156. Uconnect System in 2018 Barely Functional, Please help!
  157. Driver side sliding door
  158. Howling
  159. Gasoline Fill Up Issue
  160. Computer Glitch?
  161. What is going on with my van
  162. Stuck in first gear
  163. AC not blending correctly
  164. Our Wonderful Pacifica
  165. Interior Trim Different Colors on "S"
  166. Hybrid Battery: messages stored U11c5-00 and pending P1A0F, plus low engine coolant
  167. Liftgate issue
  168. The Death Trap Stalls Again AFTER Recall Fix BEWARE FOLKS
  169. Keyless Enter n Go setting?
  170. Bluetooth Audio Phone Issue
  171. Shortage of Pacifica batteries at Chrysler???
  172. Key fob transmit and/or receive issues
  173. Pacifica reliability slips to worse than average in latest TrueDelta survey data
  174. Did I get Lemon?
  175. Error Code P06DD
  176. Start- Stop Issues
  177. rear view mirror fell off
  178. ESS: Battery Charging
  179. 2017 Engine Stall Recall
  180. Steering wheel button lights are dim
  181. Auto Snap Back of Scale of Map
  182. Replacing taillight cover
  183. Mopar overhead dvd volume
  184. Stopped communicating to my phone
  185. DC outlet blowing fuse
  186. Keyfob / Proximity Sensor Failure
  187. 8th Passenger Seat Vibration
  188. Front USB not reading drive, Rear port Does
  189. Problem in Pacifica Hybrid 2017
  190. Need a few more Pacifica owners to register at
  191. Remote Start and Voice Command Issues
  192. Yellow fluid found by driver's side front wheel
  193. Rear wiper hose leaking over wheel
  194. 2018 pacifica hybrid - can't change clock
  195. Hybrid issues
  196. Uconnect 8.4 Crashing
  197. Rough starting
  198. Keyfob not detected
  199. Engine/Transmission Screeching/Howling noise
  200. ACC/FCW Unavailable
  201. Power Liftgate fails less than a week!
  202. Update: Bad Battery, Keeping It!
  203. ESS Fault Light
  204. Uconnect theater malfunction
  205. Lemon called Pachy?
  206. Power sliding rear door issues
  207. Active Park Sense Unavailable Service Required
  208. A lot of issues with our 2017 Pacifica Limited
  209. Another nasty uConnect problem
  210. Brake Problems
  211. Usb dashboard music input stopped working
  212. Turn Signal Out Already?
  213. 2017 2018 PacHy owners issues - please chime in
  214. Transmission "Revving" Problem Solved
  215. UConnect Died & Then Came bACK
  216. Loosing IPhone pairing
  217. Intermittent problem-worst kind
  218. Navigation frozen on ‘please wait’
  219. Wind Noise from Drivers Door
  220. Check engine sign at night and gone in the morning
  221. Liftgate not fully opening
  222. Key Fob Not Found only when Inside Vehicle
  223. Two months old 2018 PacHy with a faulty Uconnect system and now a bad PIM??
  224. Power Sliding door wont latch
  225. Wind Noise
  226. Wipers in Snow on 2017 Pacifica
  227. This Van is a Death Trap!
  228. Fob doesn't work when cold
  229. Steering initially "locks up" in cold weather?
  230. Windshield Washer Fluid Motor "Froze Up"
  231. Hybrid -- Caution: 3 Tows in 2500 miles ???
  232. A/C Smell and door issues
  233. Horn and Lights Without Prompt
  234. Brand New 2017 Touring LX+ and Already Fed up + worst dealer in history
  235. Brand new Pacifica Hybrid already broken
  236. herky jerky transmission
  237. Power Sliding Door Stops Working Temporarily (W
  238. Car Shutoff - "Remote Start Cancelled Battery Conditioning"
  239. Driver's side passenger door won't stay open
  240. window trim stain
  241. 2018 Uconnect CarPlay and Android Auto do not activate
  242. Low beam driver side fogged up
  243. NHTSA Investigation Opened 12/1/2017
  244. I got 99 problems with my 2018 Pacifica Hybrid. Anyone else?
  245. USB power
  246. ChryslerCares — TSB applies to newly built vans?
  247. Door opened by itself
  248. Irritating rattling at freeway speeds
  249. Transmission Jolts when accelerating from zero mph
  250. Blind Spot Unavailable