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: Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems

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  1. HARD Shift from 3rd to 4th
  2. Sliding Doors Don't Operate in Park from Rear
  3. Second Row Headrests
  4. Fuel tank door won't open
  5. Heated Seats - Auto On?
  6. Loud crackling when playing DVD's
  7. UConnect android auto stopped working
  8. Heated seats reset...anyone?
  9. TSB 08-049-17 (Camera balance) and lane assist
  10. Contribute Your Reliability Data to
  11. 2017 Hybrid Platinum check engine issue (1200 miles)
  12. Fully compatible iPhone with talk to text
  13. Black Touchscreen
  14. Crazy noises and electrical failures
  15. usb charging sketchy
  16. B pillar door creaking and popping noise fixed
  17. Enter Anti-Theft Code?
  18. Hybird Electrical and Control System Failure
  19. Multiple Problems w/van & dealership, need HELP
  20. 2nd gear start
  21. Radio phone GPS problems
  22. Frustrated with areas of creaking and knocking all over
  23. Brand New UConnect Theater is Dead
  24. Can you lock all doors with the spare key?
  25. 2017 rear sunroof glass
  26. 3rd row seat stuck?
  27. Pacifica Gets "Average" Reliability Rating from CR
  28. No AC in the Rear with Remote Start
  29. Front heated seats problems
  30. U Connect issues
  31. Front Camera Washout?
  32. Dealer backs up warranty claim- Chrysler denied
  33. 3rd Time Out
  34. Electric Engine Fan Failed
  35. The steering wheel tries to turn by itself when driving on uneven roads
  36. 2018 Pacifica - ESS did not restart on two occasions
  37. New 2017 Pacifica Limited 3 rd Row seat issue
  38. 6 problems noticed on our weekend road trip
  39. 2017 Pacifica UConnect Failure
  40. Brand new - Engine Shutdown - Nearly Serious Accident
  41. Very disappointed...
  42. Pacifica Touring L touch screen
  43. Pacifica parked and turned off, came back and it was running?
  44. ABS system
  45. Touchscreen unusable and MIND OF IT"S OWN
  46. New 2018 limited...possible transimission leaking?
  47. 2018 Uconnect crash
  48. Rotten egg odor/smell
  49. Keysense question
  50. Outdoor temperature way off, AC won’t engage
  51. Full tank of gas gives me just over 400km WTF
  52. Looking at 2018 Pacifica Limited, know concerned
  53. Touch Screen Frozen, Door issues
  54. Cracked windsheild concern
  55. Vehicle Phone Requires Service
  56. buzzing sound from dash
  57. Paint Issue
  58. Pacifica Front end issues
  59. Low beams blinding to oncoming traffic??
  60. Sliding door when opened failed to latch
  61. 2017 Pacifica Limited powered off
  62. OTA (Over-the-air) Update issue
  63. Updated uconnect theater/media app verbal response
  64. Nitrogen fill tires - Low tire pressure now
  65. U Connect warning message
  66. UConnect flashes through screens uncontrollably
  67. Driver side switch to move seat forward for Stow & Go
  68. Drivers Seat Cooling Not Working
  69. All my doors opened at the same time
  70. Remote Start Failing
  71. Headlight failure
  72. Sirius Radio dropout issues update
  73. 1.5 second missing audio when skipping songs on iPhone plugged into USB
  74. Uconnect 5.0 Radio
  75. Problems with our 2017 Pacifica Limited
  76. Air Cleaner Filter
  77. Glove compartment light
  78. Owned it for 5 days and then....
  79. Intermittent ACC/FCW Sensor Failure
  80. TOURING L PLUS Transmission issues
  81. Sunroof issues and dealer service problems
  82. Sliding door inoperable
  83. To Buy or Not to Buy
  84. 36 miles engine light on
  85. Brand new and in shop for over a week
  86. Hands free kick sensors covered?
  87. Rattling noise in door?
  88. Touring-L - No 2nd and 3rd row sunshades
  89. Heated steering wheel warmth on inside rim only
  90. Assistance on how to remove headphone/HDMI/USB port on seatback?
  91. Speed up navigation voice??
  92. Key Fobs not recognized
  93. Key FOB / Tire Pressure Monitoring failure
  94. Can't start engine after a jump start
  95. keyless entry/lock problems
  96. Upgrade to Android-CarPlay?
  97. Keep your hands on the wheel
  98. Keys won't work on new purchase
  99. Rattle from underneath the car
  100. buying pacifica
  101. Need assistance obtaining a part for the RSE
  102. Second day
  103. Forward obstruction sensor beeps when in reverse
  104. ACC/FCW Unavailable Service Required
  105. Sliding Door Grinding Noise
  106. "Service Airbag" message
  107. Loss of Power Steering
  108. Touchscreen issues/Navigation/sirius/Auto highbeam issues
  109. Question about Playing multiple video files thru USB
  110. Question about Child Lock
  111. Unable to turn Parksense Off
  112. Excessive Forward / Backword Movement When Put In Park
  113. Driver door handle button does not lock the doors
  114. Any similar issues to 2008 - 2016 vans?
  115. Park Assist Switch not illuminating, not engaging..
  116. Steering Wheel airbag problem
  117. Beeping while driving
  118. Analog Speedometer and Tachometer not working
  119. No warning of door open when Van is Remote locked
  120. Grinding sound opening drivers side back door
  121. Uconnect & Sirius XM issues.
  122. Air Conditioner Issues
  123. ACC / FCW Limited Operation ???
  124. Brand New Pacifica Limited and UConnect craps out
  125. Website for RRTs and TSBs?
  126. List of problems.
  127. Breaking Thump after coming to a stop
  128. No warning beep or auto shut off if you accidentally leave running?
  129. Transmission failure
  130. High Pitch Whistle at Highway Speeds - Touring L+
  131. Rear Park Assist Brake- too late- failure
  132. DVD Player Sound Issue
  133. Radio / Lights Staying On
  134. Electronic Stability Control and Brakes Lights Always On
  135. Integration of overhead DVD player
  136. Door Handle Broke
  137. Overspray on the Paint?
  138. Dye Transfer Defect
  139. Easy to leave the van on without realizing it
  140. Stuck in km/h, eventually resolved
  141. Only 53 miles and problems already
  142. Stow n go wear marks
  143. Memory seats no longer restoring to settings
  144. Issue maybe?? Keyless enter n go
  145. front door squeaks
  146. Rear Wheel Well Protector Defect
  147. Missing buttons on bottom row of the touch screen
  148. Valve Train Clatter on Start Up
  149. Won't start
  150. driver seat moves back and forth when breaking.
  151. Hissing Sound
  152. Touch Screen Freeze
  153. Trouble with UConnect Theater and Plenty More
  154. Cabin Noise
  155. throttle control-wireless
  156. SOLVED Random alert ding
  157. Roof leak!
  158. Finally picked up my 2017 Limited Friday, in shop already
  159. Six Weeks 2200 miles and I'm Still Very Much In Love!
  160. Lemon
  161. Rattle
  162. Bad experiences with my Pacifica
  163. Cracked Windshield
  164. What to expect w/ rental or not
  165. Did Chrysler change the fuel filler flap
  166. Rear Hatch Sometimes Wont Open With Fob??? Am I Doing Something Wrong?
  167. Rain X wiper Fluid
  168. Slider door won't open
  169. Check Engine Light
  170. UConnect Theater Screen not Working
  171. Rocker Panel Paint Issue
  172. Bought in July and have had major issues!
  173. Check Engine came on and car stopped running
  174. Not starting, again.
  175. Keys won't work and van won't start
  176. Door alarm gone off!
  177. 2 Months in and another trip back to the dealer
  178. Rough Idle - Hesitation on Acceleration
  179. Hard shift
  180. Missing chrome door moldings!
  181. Gas Mileage problem
  182. Fuel filler door broken
  183. Vacuum Operating Time
  184. My Pacifica Is Annoying Me!
  185. dangerous hood heat!
  186. Rear liftgate stopped working
  187. brakes
  188. A/C issue maybe or just me
  189. LCD Screen issue
  190. Sliding Door Error
  191. Front windshield defroster ?
  192. My Chrysler Pacifica is a lemon
  193. Fair weather van?
  194. Cracked windshield on first drive - bad luck or defect?
  195. Remote Tailgate Height Control
  196. The right slide door operation error.
  197. Radio, climate control, LCD screen dying
  198. Condensation on the inside of the windshield?
  199. How to succeed with the Service dept.
  200. Transmission failed
  201. Very DEAD battery
  202. How can I know there is door open when I lock the car?
  203. Putting Van into Park-Van Rolls
  204. Engine louder on startup
  205. Too Many Issues
  206. 3rd row seat is loose
  207. Creaking in cold weather
  208. Horn Honks When getting into Van
  209. Leather Seat Rip
  210. Low brake fluid warning?
  211. 632 miles and van won't start :(
  212. seat stitching and undercarriage deflector
  213. UConnect theater screen stopped working
  214. Question about Active Park Assist
  215. First 2000
  216. Homelink steup
  217. Remote Start/Climate Control issue
  218. Hill-holder for transmission?
  219. Car Doesn't Start get shifter error message
  220. Uconnect Theater Headphones Busted
  221. Touchscreen and LCD Screen Issue
  222. Pre-Inspection Issue Checklist before Receiving Minivan
  223. Passenger Sliding Door Does Not Open From Inside
  224. Vacuum problems
  225. Hands Free Sliding Doors/Liftgate
  226. Key fob problems
  227. Place Hands on Steering Wheel Warning?
  228. Driver window reverses on auto close
  229. Passenger sliding doors will not automatically close
  230. Park assist
  231. Sliding door power unavailable
  232. Design flaw - reflection in side mirror
  233. Poll - Repair Issues
  234. LED light strip
  235. Acceleration, Hills and Doors
  236. spare tire size
  237. Heads up on spare tire compressor
  238. Power Liftgate
  239. Passenger slide door issue
  240. malfunction indicator light on dash
  241. Can't input navigation commands while moving!!
  242. Display dashboard and Uconnect screen
  243. Idle engine is erratic
  244. Jumpy Transmission and Rolling Stop
  245. Rearview mirror button?
  246. Shifter makes noise while breaking...
  247. Service Shifter
  248. Rear Window vent
  249. Owned less than 24 hours before visit to service dept
  250. Sliding door buttons won't close doors