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  • redpachy ·

    I took delivery of my Red Pacifica Hybrid Limited last week. Today my backup camera wont activate, even touching the surround camera thru the apps wont activate. When i put reverse gear i see "Check Surroundings" and i see a full blank screen. I tried turn on/off the car many times, no success.

    I live in Seattle Area, will be taking it to Bellevue or Renton Chrysler. I am really concerned as its just 1 week old car and already going to shop.

    ersanjsano ·

    I got to this page and your profile after searching web on how to setup Android Auto or CarPlay on my new Pacifica.
    Is that something you would be able to help me with, and if so, what do you need from me?

    Quick info: it is 2018 Pacifica with S package. By decoding vin (2C4RC1F...) it looks like it is Touring Plus.

    - Ersan
    J&CRosenbrock ·
    Are you ever going to fix the charging schedule problem? I have the February 2018 update. I reset the charging schedule per instructions and it started on time for the first day and then gets progressively later each day. I set my schedule up for it to start charging at 2:00 AM and not later than 5:00 AM. I have NOT checked the box that says charge until full. I have a Level 2 charger. First day it started right on time at 2:00 AM. Next day it started at 2:40 AM. Next Day 3:00 AM. As noted, I have not checked the charge until full box. Fourth day it started at 4:10 AM and it charged until full at 6:00 AM. Fifth day it STARTED at 5:00 AM. Sixth day it started at 5:00 AM again. Seventh day it started at 6:35 AM and charged until 8:35 AM. It has been this way since I received the car early December 2017. The February 2018 update, which I verified has been installed, did nothing to improve that situation. When are you going to fix it???
    joeo ·

    Thank you for your interaction with this forum and support for those in it.

    I'm having trouble with my UConnect app updating data, like many others on this forum. I opened a support issue with FCA (#33666903) but they are attributing it to the fact that I recently upgraded my iPhone. However, due to the fact that many others are having this issue, I don't believe it's caused by my iPhone upgrade. Whenever I speak to support on the phone, it's extremely difficult to communicate and they are essentially trying to end the call as soon as possible. Are you able to help me at all? I'd just like to get the UConnect app working again.

    Thank you again.

    Joe Osburn
    jdftwrth ·
    Your Sirius/XM Uconnect Guardian free trial is a joke, the morons at Sirius have been trying for 3 days to get this thing activated.

    You have lost a lot of my goodwill.

    Michael DeChirico
    RoadWarrior ·
    Thank you for your reply. My Pacifica did not have any stalling problem, but I went to the dealer because I became aware that the U01 recall applied to it. As of today, I received a recall letter specific to my vehicle with essentially the same explanation that you provided regarding why the issue had already been remedied for my vehicle. I hope that all the other forum folks writing about this also receive it (and believe it). The dealership also provided the same explanation when I was there.
    John Gingrich
    rdude ·

    My 2017 pacifica has the same problem with the rear door not beeping when closing. Here is my VIN2c4rc1bg2hr527425

    My local service center is Cole Chrysler San Luis Obispo, ca 93401

    Ryan Donalies
    davehone ·

    I’ve had my ’17 Pacifica for a few months now. Tried to access the User Guide in my UConnect today and it tells me “content unavailable try again later”.
    Tried it in ACC and RUN modes. No go.

    Asked dealer about it during a safety recall today. They were stumped.
    Software has been updated: UCONNECT_8.4A_RA3_17.11.07_MY17
    Uconnect subscription is currently active.

    I looked through the pacificaforums.com posts but didn’t see any definitive answers.

    Any insight?

    VIN: 2C4RC1BG8HR823954

    mypacifica08 ·
    Hello Jasmine
    Chrysler Social Care Specialist
    As per request, I am sending you a private message with my VIN: 2C4RC1EG7R139561. This is in regards to steering wheel and seats not warming up when remotel started. This issue has come up after recent (2 weeks ago) software update and frequent Uconnect crash issue resolution with the dealer.

    elfmonkey ·
    Front dc charger keeps blowing the fuse when plugging in a phone charger. This happened twice so far. Fuse blew instantly. 2017 Pacifica Limited
    jeannepouria ·
    I have had my 2018 Pacifica for less than 1 month, just about 1000 miles and today with the console began rebooting itself every 20 secs.... doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence that i made the right decision choosing a Chrysler.
    What is being done to resolve this issue?
    mypacifica08 ·
    How can this be resolved? I have already sent you another private message on my Unonncect balck/blue screen issue on this brand new car.

    Originally Posted by mypacifica08 View Post
    Got my vehicle 3 weeks ago and today Uconnect update failed with error code 20 and asked me to take a trip to dealer. Very annoying as there are few software glitches already. When I see online with my VIN for any software updates it states : None. Called Uconnect via car they are clueless. Not sure of dealer would be able to do anything as these are over the air updates. Frustrating.
    Hello mypacifica08,
    We regret to hear of these concerns you are experiencing with your Uconnect system. We would like to look into this further and see if there is any opportunity for us to assist. Please send us a private message with additional details.
    Chrysler Social Care Specialist
    tt88stu ·
    Dear Andrea,

    I cannot find verification of my warranty.
    Please see if you have any luck.

    Terri Semmler

    Thank you
    carlosf9 ·
    New member's 1st post... sent a PM with a plea for help as our local dealership doesn't seem to care about our uConnect issues at all and we really need to get some help here.
    ChryslerCares ·
    Hi everyone,

    Please Private Message (PM) our page with any questions or concerns you may have. We usually need additional personal information to assist you which is why we ask this. To PM us just click on our username and choose "Send Private Message"!

    Thank you!

    Chrysler Social Care Team
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