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  • skidoo_j ·

    So in nine days of ownership we have had the van for three days, two of which i spent driving back and forth to the two different service centers for the one dealership, only to be told to come back the following Monday.
    tcadbury ·
    Third-Row Car Seats will not stow

    I have the 2017 Pacific Limited. The third-row car seats do not stow any more. This has just started happening recently. I know I have to go in to a Dealership to have this looked at, but I am not happy with my local service center. They take more than a day to investigate and resolve, and I need a car to ferry my kids around.

    Can you please let me know what is the best way that Chrysler can help me address this issue?

    Best Regards,
    Maneesh Sahu
    benson304 ·
    This is in response about the remote start temperature settings. I have had the issue where my driver's side temperature will be set to "Lo" upon remote start, if I simply start the car it doesn't seem to do the same thing.

    My VIN is: 2C4RC1EG5HR634562

    Let me know if you'd like me to try to reproduce, it's plenty cold enough in the Chicago area right now.

    tcadbury ·
    Hi ChryslerCares,

    This is about your message on the forums about the power sliding doors not retracting. I had reported this issue couple of months back and took my car into a dealership twice to have it looked at...to no avail. See my case history here:

    Customer File #: 30268443

    EMAIL CASE NUMBER: 3383580
    REPLY LINK: http://www.chrysler.com/wccs/ brand_forms/us/reply.jsp?trk_

    I even had a case manager - Joseph/Joe (586-274 8161) who closed my case, because this was 'working as designed'.

    I hope you can address my issue this time at least.
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