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  • Damoncaravanman ·
    My contact pointed me into the direction of where those wheels were now and I bought them off the guy on ebay. He took 850.00 total from me. Well worth it as the 20" wheels are like 392.08 from a wholesale Mopar site, then to powder coat is average 50.00 per wheel, then the tires were Nitto tires that were 170.00 each. That is right at 2,450.00 for the whole set as he has them at a very good price. Would love to see pics of your van. Good luck.
    irpilot ·
    Hey Damon. I can't seem to find the thread where you stated what you offered the guy for the black wheels. I want to say you said 995 + 75 for shipping? How was the condition of the wheels?


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