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  • BBM ·
    We live near Boardwalk Redwood City and have ordered a 2018 PacHybrid (different dealer). When we get it, we might do the tow hitch solution like you did....strictly for bikes.

    My worries are:

    1.) Voiding a warranty (we are buying the 8 year or lifetime Mopar warranty through Zeigler)
    2.) The sensor issue you ran into.

    I'm not sure if you can speak to either of these two issues....I definitely want to be able to bring our 2-3 bikes up to Tahoe next summer. It's the one negative on the PacHybrid imho.
    at4iowa ·
    I'd love to know who your dealer and contact person is. I have been trying to get a hitch put on our hybrid, but no luck so far. Thanks
    dlieu ·

    can you share your contact @ gilroy dealership ? sounds like a good deal you had on the PH Platinum. How much it was below invoice, if you don't mind me asking? Thank you very much.
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