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  • jerry17 ·
    Sorry for the slow reply -- not seeing alerts about messages waiting.

    All of my career was in rail transportation. The first part was in GE's locomotive plant in Erie, PA, and then 38 years with NYC Transit in the Car Equipment Department as an Engineering manager as well as performance monitoring of the fleets.

    It made me very aware of human element of operating safely, and the limits of logic-- 2 examples:
    1) People thrusting their (occupied) baby carriages into doorways keep the doors open
    2) We had speed limiting signals (not like the new Positive Train Control being installed nationwide) when approaching the end of a track. One operator of a passenger train successful negotiated two 5 mph timing signals and then fell asleep and hit the bumping block. Don't remember if there were minor injuries, but none major.

    Makes me very skeptical of autonomous car technology, although I truly wish it could happen.
    craig ·
    What did you do for a living? Just curious as I like your writing style and manner in which you present your contentions.
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