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  • Blinky44 ·
    Still trying to get my user name changed from my email to Blinky44, or just delete my account which I can't do either.
    Blinky44 ·
    I screwed up and put my email message as my user name, I can't change my user name, so either I need to delete the account or have you change it.
    macedom ·
    We have nt had any luck in resolving the paint corrosion on our 2017 Pacifica. Now waiting two months for resolution. This has occured on the hood and is progressing.
    irpilot ·
    "Hi Mod,

    Question: Can we make a sticky somewhere for those of us with the specific "S" package Pacifica? For example, maybe in the forum with the different color Pacificas? There is a thread for the S model in the general forum, but just throwing that out there where we can post pics of our cars, etc.

    Anyway, just seeing if can do, thanks!"

    The above was requested by a member. Seems like a good idea to me.
    SWPacLim ·
    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I noticed your "Moderator Chat" forum is viewable and postable in by all members. I've moderated forums before and I know typically that forum is hidden.

    Rctini ·
    How do you reference another post when you are in another post.
    Wanted to point someone to a very good post/thread but did not know how, so I just copied some info an put in quick reply.
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