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  • DanDIY ·
    Hey I saw your post on solar charging!
    I think it is an excellent idea, also to mount it on roof of the van.
    I did some rough calculations and the small battery is actually well sized to the amount of roof area of the van. It would just about charge it over a 6 hour day.
    Let me know if you are interested in this idea and we can work on it together?

    I like the idea of this because you don't have to install a charging station, worry about plugging it in (if it is wired in), and it travels with you.
    The real savings for me is that it would replace a backup generator. You could have air conditioning/heat and mmaybe power a small fridgerator too?
    It could be a nice camping solution or bug out vehicle!

    You could skip the inverter and charge the DC battery directly and would just need a voltage regulator. this skips the costs of an inverter.

    Hope to hear back your interest and ideas on this!

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