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Hello: I think Chrysler has a problem here. A big problem. I am an ASE Certified Master Auto & Truck Technician with over 40+ years experience owning my own shops, etc. My 30 year old daughter leaseda 2017 Pacifica last year and has about 15,000 miles on it. So far, Chrysler in their infinite wisdom, has changed the transmission twice under warranty. They have no idea what is wrong or what they are doing. When they drive it they find no problem. As soon as she goes back there and road tests it with the service advisor they hear it and feel it every time. What a joke. She even brought a printed note explaining how to replicate it, after three times that they couldn't find a problem. They finally said the transmission fluid was burnt and there were particles in the pan. NONSENSE! But they gave her a loaner and a month later gave her back the vehicle with a brand new transmission. STILL DID IT! The next time she brought it back, they stated that the Throttle body and EGR Valve were defective, despite never had a check engine light on, or any drivability problem. She took the vehicle out of there and contacted Chrysler. After extensive bickering, they had a Chrysler dealer 100 miles away come to the dealership here and pick up the vehicle by flatbed tow truck and brought her a loaner car. After contacting a lawyer about the Lemon Law and sending Chrysler a certified letter demanding the vehicle be repaired or refunded in 10 days, they replaced the Transmission AGAIN, and said that the previous dealer has broken bolts in the frame and they had to be drilled to repair it. They also apparently looked at the service records and saw there were complaints about the Passenger window motor not working, which was replaced after several trips to the first dealer, and still did not work, so the first dealer replaced the Body Control Module, finally. Anyway the second dealer up north took it upon themselves to replace the drivers side window motor, EVEN THOUGH IT WORKED FINE. There was no complaint about the left window motor! Unbelievable. If I did this I would have been ridiculed and not paid. But Chrysler pays these dealers for absolutely no reason. Here is the best part. The vehicle still makes the same sound!!! They sent it back by tow truck and took back the loaner again, scraped up the front bumper and it is louder than ever! I drove with her the other day to the Home Depot 2 miles away, and it is horrendous. At 40 mph if she lets off the accelerator then accelerates again there is a very noticeable growling sound for about 2 seconds. I also saw the tachometer jump to 4000 rpm at one point as she was doing it repeatedly. I believe the problem is not the transmission but in fact the computer controlling it. It is similar to when you are passing someone and the transmission drops to a lower gear to give you the power to pass the car in front of you, BUT, the throttle is not being depressed hard enough to warrant dropping to a lower gear. On top of that at 40mph, it should not be dropping from fourth gear all the way down to first when simply feathering the pedal.Someone is going to get hurt with a vehicle that behaves this way. If the power is not applied correctly you chance getting struck in the rear when the vehicle slows drastically from dropping into such a lower gear, or the transmission or engine will fail from the repeated abuse, rpm. Or if there is a problem with the throttle body, may cause the trottle to stick wide open or not open at all, which can be deadly. Also if the EGR valve is malfunctioning, it may open at idle and stall the engine at the wrong time, this can cause an accident as well. This is totally unacceptable.
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