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General Information

Lexus LX-450 - (Toyota Land Cruiser)
Major Modifications
Toyota TRD Supercharger
ARB Bumper Front
Axle rebuild kit- front
Axle rebuild kit- rear
AC dryer skid plate
Differential locker skid plate
Hand throttle
CDL switch
Fog switch
HID switch
Transmission skid
Tie rod and drag link
New front differential
New rear differential
Front axle housing
Rear axle housing
Front 4.88 gears
Rear 4.88 gears
Front diff master kit
Rear diff master kit
Rear solid spacer
Front solid spacer
Sway bar links
Gen 2 caster plates
DC front shaft
DC Rear Shaft
Rear Lower control arms
Upper rear control arms
Pan-hard adjuster front
Pan-hard adjuster rear
HD sway bar mounts front
HD sway bar mounts rear
Blue fan clutch & syn oil
IBS dual battery system
IBS mounts
2 mill spec tire deflators
No loss tire caps x5
Puncture repair kit
Extremeaire magnum 12 volt compressor
150 amp relay
100 amp relay
125 psi switch
20' 4 gauge cable
1 way check valve
165 blow off valve
OBA switch
25' dot push to connect hose
2 gallon air tank
4 male 3/8 fittings
3 way t fitting
3 way t fitting swivel
Bulk head fitting ¼”x 3/8 tubing
Heat dissipation hose
90* brass fitting
12K mile marker hydro winch front
Joystick remote x2
Interior winch control
Winch remote control (wireless)
Series 35 adapter kit
Hydro cooler Toyota
In-cab controller
MP super line xd 3/8x100
MP rock guard 2
MP aluminum fair lead front
Winch accessory kit 857
Sling hook connector link
Class 3 2' receive with ¾ shackle x2
van best ¾ 62.700lb screw shackle x2
Dixon bate mounts x2
Hi lift extreme jack 60”
Hi lift jack offroad base
Hawk Hps front break pads
Hawk Hps REAR break pads
Fire extinguisher mount
fire extinguisher
Chrome moly axles rear
DBA rotor front left
DBA rotor front right
DBA rotor rear left
DBA rotor rear right
Intro-tech windshield snow shade
Kaymar rear bumper
Steering dampener
Slee slider
IPF 900xs HIDD x2
IPF rectangular headlight 184
IPF x91 HIR bulbs
IPFWF-3 wiring harness
IPF 2 light wiring harness
Killovac LEV200A4AnA relay (tyco) X2
Power steering pump
Extended break line front left
Extended break line front right
Extended break line rear
Sears platinum battery main
Sears platinum battery aux
Lt washer bottle bracket
ARB antenna mount
7 pin trailer plug
1 nato jerry cans
CB antenna
CB ham radio meter
Panavise cb/ scanner clips x4
Cell phone amp and antenna
35” toyo open country A/T x5
powder coat rims x5
LT seat extenders x2
HD tie rod ends
Front sway bar drops
Rear Bumpstop blocks
Rear sway bar brackets
CB amp
CB speaker
CB HD power cord
CB 10/11 meter magnum ssb radio
CB radio coax
Kenwood dnx 9140 nav system with I pod an sat radio
Toyota/Lexus wire harness amp
Kenwood gtm-10
Kenwood kca-ip301v
Kenwood ca-sr20v
Sirius connect sc-c1
Passport 9500ix gps radar laser detector
Comet cmx-1 power swr meter
Uniden BCD396XT 25,000 channel scanner
Atlass seat leathers
Toyota seat foam front seats
Wagongear tail gate storage system
FOR springs and shocks
Yellow box spedo correction
1991 washer bottle bracket
1991 washer bottle
I-pad holder
Ram mount cb setup
Ram mount gps setup
Back up camera vtb 301 color
ARB bumper splash guard
Toyota oem cup holder
120mm cooling fan
120mm cooling fan thermal switch
Viper alarm 5902
Viper glass break sensor
Viper 12v back up battery
Viper digital tilt sensor
Air IQ sat tracking
Lowrance hds-5 baja gps
Engine rebuild
Man-a-fre 25 gallon aux tank
Kamar work light
African outback top rack
African outback draw system
2nd battery tray
40' “00” cable
Magnum 1kw pure sine wave inverter with remote
National luna refrigerator/ freezer
Slee light harness
Dynamat sound proofing whole truck
Modified sun visors
Over seas factory fuel gauge and altimeter
Limb risers
Light bar custom made
rRack lights x6
African out back hi lift holder
African outback shovel holder
African outback ax holder
Dry box for rack electrics
Cargo D-Rings
Trail gear front axle armor
Magnum S-980 - AM / SSB - 10/11 Meter Radio
Cobra XL-500 - (Amplifier used for 10 Meters Only with Magnum XL-500 - Tuned for 200 PEP Maximum Output Legal Limit)
Uniden BCD-396T & BCD396XT - (APCO 25 Handheld Scanner Radio)
Austin Spectra Quad Band Scanner Antenna - (30-50, 150-174, 430,512, 806-896 Mhz)
Wilson Cell Phone Amplifier - Dual-Band 800 / 1900 Mhz Amplifier - (824-894 Mhz / 1850-1990 Mhz)
Wilson Cell Phone Antenna - Dual-Band 800 / 1900 Mhz Antenna - (824-894 Mhz / 1850-1990 Mhz)

1997 Toyota Lexus LX-450 - (Toyota Land Cruiser) (Tan)



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