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  1. 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Hope to use this thread to catalog mods and accessories for our 2020 Pacifica Limited AWD Pics and details to follow.
  2. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    Hello All! I purchased a 2020 Pacifica Hybrid Limited back in November. Within about 3k miles it started stalling, I took it to the dealer and they said that there was a rusted spark plug. After they replaced the spark plug is has ran more rough and I think its definitely too rough for a car...
  3. 2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid Batteries And Charging
    We bought a 2020 Pacifica Hybrid In late December 2020, and we are already having issues. After 2 weeks of driving and charging normally, my Pacifica locked into park while I was trying to leave work. It gave the Service Charging System error. I didn’t have the car on charge at work, so the...
  4. 2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discussion
    I just traded in my W46 Isolator post recall affected 2019 Pachy Limited for a post-fix/non-recall 2020 Pachy Limited with the S-Package, Tri-Pane Sunroof and Active Safety Package. One of the things that really bothered me after I brought the car home was how there was a loud, almost obnoxious...
  5. 2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discussion
    Did a test drive today. Been looking at these for 2 years. I have never wanted a brand new vehicle. But the hybrid has everything I'm looking for. Except the price. I'd love to know lowest prices paid for the 2020 hybrid. Any trim level. I live in California and the taxes alone are ridiculous...
  6. 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Hello All, Couldn't find a thread on this (maybe my search was not specific enough). I'm looking to get some help with selecting the right EV charger for my home. I believe the older models had limits in charging volt which did not take advantage of some chargers. Here are some details in...
1-6 of 6 Results