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  1. Phone bluetooth connections get removed after being paired

    I have a 2018 Pacifica 8.4 display without navigation. Phones are Moto G5's When I first picked up the van from the dealer new a few months ago the time was off by 4 hours and could not be changed. The dealer replace the radio which fixed that problem. But I immediately noticed that the van...
  2. Phone sounds via bluetooth

    2018 Pacifica Hybrid. I'm having trouble getting bluetooth sounds from my phone to interrupt the radio (is this even possible?). My phone is paired with the car (iPhone X). Calling works flawlessly. Siri works flawlesly. The problem is that all the normal phone sounds (mail notification...
  3. Bluetooth eats all my sounds

    2018 PHEV. Paired iPhone X through Bluetooth. Phone calls work fine. Playing music works fine (from phone through speakers). The problem is that every other sound the phone makes seems to just disappear. For example, the little beep I get when I get a text message. When I'm paired (which...
  4. 2018 Pacifica Touring Plus Bluetooth Audio Issue

    Hello All, Just purchased 18 touring plus last week. Since the first time I drove it home, my Iphone7 pairs with the unit fine, when calling the audio does not work over the speakers of the car, incoming or outgoing. Tried deleting Bluetooth connections on phone and car several times. Tried the...