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  1. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    On my way home from work yesterday, my 2018 Chrysler Pacifica beeped and showed that the collision sensors were not working. It beeped a second time and said the lane sense was not working. When I got home from work I parked the car in the driveway and turned it off. I turned it back on and...
  2. 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    I've had my 2017 Pacifica for about 3 ish years. This is not the 1st problem I've had with this van. Horrible feeling to be paying close to $600 a month not including gas/insurance blah blah. The van shuts off without warning as I was driving on a busy road . I have 4 kids I travel back and...
  3. Parts And Accessories
    Takeoffs from a 2020 Chrysler Voyager. Tires are 235/65/17 on OE Chrysler 7x17 wheels. Front tires are Primewell All Seasons and backs are Sumitomo HTR All Seasons. Tires have approx 5000 miles on them with plenty of tread left (see pictures). Setup is balanced and ready for install. Comes with...
    $400 USD
  4. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    We lifted the back seats up after being stored for a while and the cargo area was wet. We let it dry out. Today it rained, and it is wet again. We are at 38k miles, so of course regular warranty is out. We do have an extended warranty but they do not cover water intrusion. Which makes no sense...
  5. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Photos and Videos
    So I have a Chrysler Pacifica and it was working fine the night before. This morning I tried starting the car but the brakes were still and super hard to press down on. I pressed on it as much as it would let me and got the car to start, at first the lights for the “P” “D” “N” and stuff wouldn’t...
  6. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Photos and Videos
    Watch Your Vehicle Tow Away The Entire Mountain!
  7. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Photos and Videos
    Here’s One Of Chrysler Pacifica’s Facebook Pages!
1-7 of 7 Results