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  1. 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica that is just out of warranty (literally this year) and the dreaded cylinder 3 misfire code has popped up. Cold start misfire only. Once the car warms up, the engine runs smooth again. The car only has 49000 miles on it, and the dealer is stating that the...
  2. 2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discussion
    We have purchased a 2021Pacifica Hybrid Limited. It is now 22 days old and we don't have it. In fact, we have only had it for 7 days. The rest has been at a dealers.We had it 4 days when we finally went far enough to start utilizing the gas engine. The Malfunction Indicator Light came on about...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Whelp! I was looking forward to a road trip with my sons, all camping equipment is packed for 3 weeks in National Parks. Our FIRST night from home, the Malfunction Indicator Light started blinking & dinging, the car began vibrating/rough when I would push the gas pedal, and overall power...
1-3 of 3 Results