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  1. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    Bear with me as I try and see if someone here can help me so I’ve been around and around with my local dealership. My service electronic stability light has came on, and doing so I lost all power inside the cabin (lights, radio, air etc.) and the windshield wipers come on (random I know). This...
  2. Electronics
    Recently bought a Chrysler Pacifica 2019 t l plus from Copart. Seeing these different warning symbols. Any help is appreciated
  3. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    For the past couple of weeks we have been having trouble with the voltage in our van. 2017 Limited, 105k miles. I hooked up my multimeter and watched the voltage when parked. It drops to 12.4 or so, so battery seems to be taking a charge okay and holding. But as soon as we unlock the doors or...
  4. Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    My 2017 Pacifica engine will not start, but the panel and radio come on. I get two error messages, "Service Electronic Stability Control" and "Service Antilock Brake System". When I scroll through the vehicle information screens, the battery is showing low power (8.8V). Do I have a battery issue...
1-4 of 4 Results