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  1. how to reset keysense pin for chrysler pacifica 2018

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    I purchased a Certified Pre-owned Chrysler Pacifica Limited 2018 in TX and shipped to CA. When I drove, I observed there is Keysense locked. I tried entering some numbers 1234, 2018, etc., none of them worked. I called TX dealership for the pin, they are saying they don't have it, they asked me...
  2. Keysense on Non Keysense Keys?

    I have a new to us 2018 Pacifica Limited. It's factory equipped with keysense and I came with 3 keys. Key 1 and Key 2 are normal as far as the fob case goes. Key 3 says keysense. Key 1 works Normally (with exception of radio memory, i'll come back to that in a moment) Key 2 is identifying as...