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  1. 2GPS Time Incorrect/GPS Way Off (2017 Pacifica)

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Hello - starting yesterday (12/15/19), all of a sudden my time is not even close to right (I have it using GPS time) and my nav seems to have no idea where I am (sometimes it is close - sometimes it shows I'm in the river, but it rarely is on a road anymore, and sometimes it thinks I am driving...
  2. Switching Between CD Play and Navigation; 4 Steps??

    2019 Pacifica Hybrid with U-Connect Theater; I listen to books on CD when driving long distances (get them at the library!), but if I'm using the U-Connect Nav System and I want to back the CD up to re-listen to something, it takes me about four steps to go back, and two or three to get back...