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radio issues

  1. Radio and interior lights will not turn off

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    We just returned home, parked in garage, turned the car off, got out and the radio and lights stayed on. We turned restarting and stopping, opening and closing doors and yet the radio continued to play. Even with us sitting in the car, motor off, for some 15+ minutes, the radio continued to...
  2. Audio issues preset stations does not last, feedback squeal

    New Member Introductions
    We have 2 audio issues with our 2018 Limited. First, we have never been able to preset the channels (am, fm, or Sirius) and have them hold. They stay set while the car is on but either go away the next time the car is started or maybe 3 times later...but they always go away and default to some...