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service shifter

  1. Pacifica won't start and malfunction light is on

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    I am trying to figure out the best way to get my 2017 Pacifica Touring L to Chrysler without using a tow service. I can't start the car. The brakes are stiff and can't be pushed down. When I push start it goes to ACC and then to Run but the engine won't start. The malfunction light is on...
  2. Transmission stuck in drive...Service shifter

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I can't decide what to title this or whether I made the right decision purchasing our 2018 Certified Pre-Owned Pacifica Touring. We purchased it less than a month ago, 1/26/19. Let me just tell you all what those three weeks have looked like. Purchased on a Saturday. Three hours after...