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  1. Interior
    (Full sized pictures below) Hi all, I just swapped mine out today and NOTHING about this swap is easy. Read this thread first as many have explained how to get the console out. With that said you have to make sure you have the correct wiring harness. Now I'm not sure what the part number is...
  2. Interior
    Just bought a 2020 limited with the super console. The drawer that gives access the the second row cup holders doesn’t lock open or closed. It just freely swings open and closed. Not sure if anyone has encountered this type of problem. It doesn’t appear that anything is stuck or the drawer...
  3. Electronics
    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT #7 IS? DOES IT HOOK UP TO #1 OR #8 IS SO WHAT IS THE PART #? WHAT IS #1 AND #8? I am changing out the low console to the high one in 2019 Pacifica, I wish the diagram would say what the numbers are.
  4. Parts And Accessories
    I swapped the midsize center floor console in our '18 Touring L for the super console. I have the original one available for free if you can pick it up in Seattle. This would be a significant upgrade over the low console that comes on some models. This is the black version that comes in the S...
1-4 of 4 Results