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uconnect not working

  1. 2020 Pacifica, UConnect update removes camera and climate functionality

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I updated my software over the air today. Safe to say that's a mistake I won't be making today. Now my climate control just shows "hi" and "lo", and I no longer have the ability to view any of my cameras. I had the surround view option before, but now, even when I'm in R, the camera doesn't...
  2. 1 out of 2 backseat screens not working

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discus
    We own a 2019 Hybrid Limited and have the issue that the back seat screen (driver side) functions about 10% of the time. The other one works fine. It's been for this about 6 months now. Tried a number of things including all the resets etc and replacing fuse 55, but no structural improvement...
  3. 2020 Pacifica Radio Problem

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    So our 2020 Pacifica Limited S has been at the dealership for a week now. We bought our Pacifica about 3-4 weeks ago. Had problems with the radio (8.4 Uconnect) from the get go - although it worked fine when we picked it up and drove it home. Most of the time however it wouldn’t work. Just white...
  4. 2017 Uconnect waste of money

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    I just bought a 2017 Pac. I signed up for the UConnect trial. After 3 phone calls of trouble-shooting, I was funally told that all the 3rd party apps have been discontinued, except for Yelp. 3G is a freaking joke in this day and age, and I can't use any apps (really wanted Pandora). And no...
  5. U-Connect Blank Screen on Pacifica Hybrid

    2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid Maintenance And Service
    HI, For the second time in two months my Uconnect screen went black just after an L2 charge. The first time the dealer replaced some module, but it happened again just today. I'm bringing it in again next week but has anyone else experienced the problem and if so have ways of fixing it until...
  6. 2018 new Pacifica Hyb and UConnect and door already broke

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Hybrid Purchase Incen
    I want to move this text how do I remove a post ? Am I the only unlucky customer here? A brand new Pacifica Hybrid 2018 I bough already has an unreliable UConnect that doesn't turn on half of the time and the sliding right side door make a terrible sound when it is closing. I am pretty much...